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BioShock arrives to shock us again

17ALPHA | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

This game, actually it is belittling to call INFINITE just a 'game'. In its most base form INFINITE is all about its plot, the word on the cover actually reverberates, echoes and haunts you once you get off at the END GAME station. It is not so much as a collection of mechanics to prop up the entire zietgeist of INFINITE. It sacrifices everything to go all out about its plot and exploration w.r.t. the same. in-fact the first ~40 -->45 minutes of the game you are left to 'explore', 'encounter' and 'see' the spirit of Columbia, the fictional setting of the experience. Taking you through a sanitised and curated path you see the world as it should be until your agency properls it into a violent spiral that de-constructs the situation brick by brick till you can see the fetid and putrid ideology on which the city floats. The shooting itself is not so amazing unless you decide to AMP it up with skylines, nor are the Vigors but the moments that transcend every shooting gallery, the various voxophones (audio diary) that litter the enviornment or are hidden in plain sight. These disjointed and sometimes related, sometimes unrelated happenings and throwbacks are the real draw of the game and its writing. Explaining how various forces shaped Columbia and how certain technology was 'acquired' the game tips it hat to its predecessors and looks to the future. INFINITE carries a bold new vision and an experience that must be partaken to understand it.