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An almost perfect successor to the perfect game.

1Life0Continues | Aug. 19, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

DXHR is almost perfect. The choices, the atmosphere, the incredible amount of work put into the world. It's a fantastic game, and everything you do matters. But there are some glaring issues. Boss fights. These are HORRIBLE! So much so, that the developers actually apologised for them, admitting they were not up snuff. Playing as a gung-ho Rambo character, these fights are nothing. Easy as pie. But if you dedicate yourself to non-lethal, stealth tactics, these fights are a massive punch in the face. In a game so rife with choices, these sections rob you of all of it, forcing you to act against your play style. And the ending is also pretty bad. Not Mass Effect 3 bad, but pretty close. But, those out of the way, DXHR is very close to perfect, and you should still play this game to recapture the feeling of the original, which just pips the post in terms of satisfaction. As a stealth player, the boss fights affected me so much, that I have had to give this game a 75/100. They are a very large blight on what is otherwise a damn good game.


Ocean With The Depth of a Puddle

1Life0Continues | Aug. 19, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

Okay, so the title was originally stated by John "TotalBiscuit' Bain, but he has a point. Skyrim is exceedingly expansive and pretty, but there is simply no depth to it. Your actions in the world affect very little, and in fact no-one seems to care who you are at all. It improves vastly on Oblivion's horrid mechanics, but the console roots are painfully obvious, and for a PC game, this is inexcusable. Menus are clearly designed for controllers, with mouse control a clearly tacked on idea. There are mods to fix this, but the fact you have to use mods to fix the UI in the first place is mind boggling. The increasing reliance on fast travel systems is also a factor in my rating. I understand the need for fast travel, but I will always wish for a repeat of Morrowind's travel system, where fast travel was possible, but you needed to pay for it, and not every place was available from where you started. The carriage system in Skyrim is a little like this, but is still underwhelming in my opinion. Skyrim is still worth playing, if only to get the bitter taste of Oblivion out of your mouth. It's a gorgeous looking game, and with mods it only gets better. But so much in this game falls far short of the perfection proclaimed by others, that it doesn't deserve much more than a 70/100.