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Truly amazing

1dayscandal | April 8, 2012 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

This game is simply amazing. The graphics are excellent and have been truly optimized, in order to make my point here is a short story: Dead Space (My settings)- Medium/Low at 800x600 Dead Space 2 (my settings)- Maxed out at 800x600 although there are some very annoying glitches such as **SPOILER ALERT**the interactive cut scene in which stross is trying to kill you and no matter how fast your press E you still die **SPOILER END** but this is easily fixed by downloading a trainer and using the slow motion cheat then one the cut scene is finished you can resume playing at normal speed if you wish The game play itself is great, it really forces you to conserve as much ammo as possible because if you finished one level with only 10 bullets left you begin the next level with 10 bullets so the player really has to use his surroundings to his advantage for example, through a necromorph down a flight of stairs or impale him against something or grab the spear-like arm of a dead necromorph and shoot it at another one's head only to have the head impaled on the wall Done with the campaign? Start again with your previous equipment or fight in 4v4 multiplayer matches so you can play as any necromorph you like or you can become part of a Special elimination team and wipe out the necromorphs! So apart from the occasional minor glitches this game is definitely a must buy for any horror survival fan! WARNING NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART ;)


Needs Some practice but still great

1dayscandal | April 8, 2012 | Review of Men of War - PC

This game requires a lot of practice and getting used to, This is not your usual strategy games here you have to order your units from a unit bar (multiplayer only with the exceptions of a few single player missions) then from there you can either command them as a squad (infantry) or you can select to directly control a unit! for example say you're in a tight situation in a town and your tank is missing a whole bunch of targets or you see infantry creeping up behind, well no worries! just press the 'take command' key and voila! you are now in direct control of your tank! Like I said this game is pretty intimidating at first for new players as you ALWAYS have to keep your eye on the ammo count of EVERY single soldier even if it's the driver of a tank! So this leads to some really irritating late-campaign missions where you have massive firefights all over the map. But once you get passed these firsts troubles, Men of War really pays off!


Anno 1404

1dayscandal | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Anno 1404 - PC

When I saw this title i thought to myself "Another Anno title?" Oh jolly! As with most of the previous Anno titles this game did not disappoint. It had spectacular graphics, as well as very challenging opponents that will force you to keep up and employ different strategies each time you play and as well as randomly generated worlds this accounts for a great re-playability value. The game's Characters seem as and feel as if they were your best friends or arch enemy depending on how you negotiate with them. However, in my opinion the military factor of the game wasn't as much of interest to as the newly introduced method of creating and controlling your armies is very interesting it just does not level up with the rest of this game. So if you are an avid city builder or you're a fan of the series then Anno 1404 is a must have for you!