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Standard Gameplay, But Unique Story

1nc1n3rat0r | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

Spec-Ops: The Line appears at first to be your typical third-person shooter, but as you progress through the game you realize that it is much much more. The game play mechanics are nothing special, there is a cover system much like the one used in gears of war, you have a access to a somewhat limited amount of weapons, and the game is very linear. Where Spec Ops: The Line really shines is within its story, warning some very small spoilers follow. The beginning of the game starts out as any other war-type shooter, you are deployed in a location and have a mission. You only come to realize that something is not right in the situation and begin to explore. Its through this that the game really starts to take a real unique direction of the story. You begin asking yourself if this really all could be happening. Throughout the game you will encounter very disturbing or depressing events that take a toll on you and your team, but this makes the story all the more unique since most game story lines try to tell the tale a hero. Without getting into too many details of the story, although linear, it is extremely captivating and disturbing, with an ending that will blow your mind. All in all, this game has a pretty solid and non-creative third-person game play, but the story alone is the reason to purchase this game. Really experience what story lines in today's games could be. Do yourself a favor, purchase this game, but only if you can handle the brutal and depressing reality that is introduced.