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A new take on old fashioned Nazi zombie fun.

6Stitches | April 28, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army - PC

I was a bit skeptical about this title. It seems that zombies are just an easy option for developers these days but Rebellion have put together a fun game based on their Sniper Elite. It's difficult to say that if you enjoyed Sniper Elite then you should absolutely buy Nazi Zombie Army. There's more running and gunning than sniping in this, which doesn't particularly suit the mechanics of the game, however it also doesn't detract from the fun you can have. To speed the game up they keep pouring zombies at you and you need to be quick to loot bodies. This means the sniper rifle often isn't the first weapon of choice but when you do use it there is a chance to see rotten zombie innards being pulverized. Like Sniper Elite it could be better if they opened up the levels a bit more but as with most zombie games it is about survival rather than exploration. You'll often come across areas you have to defend and during these sieges you will be given ample stocks of ammo and weapons. You won't find yourself sneaking through levels but the zombies aren't big on tactics anyway. It's not a perfect game but it is entertaining, doesn't cost too much and it doesn't drag out the gameplay to complete it. Rebellion have delivered a zombie shooter that is both challenging and fun.