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Best one in the series

884okeoJ | July 14, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe NA - PC

Mass Effect 2 is a refinement of every aspect from the original. While Mass Effect was a great game, Mass Effect 2 compounds on that greatness, becoming one of Bioware's best games. The main focus of Mass Effect 2 are the choices you make and the story, and both are done exceptionally well. Forming your crew and roaming space gives you an amazing sense of freedom to do whatever you want. The third-person shooting is great, allowing you to use special abilities as well as conventional weapons to get the job done. If you're a fan of great stories in video games, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best you can buy.


A Good Indie Game

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Papo Yo Soundtrack Game Bundle - PC

Papo and Yo is an indie game that is heavily story and puzzle driven. The gameplay is fairly good, with controls that are responsive and puzzles that are creative. The graphics are not the best, but the fantastic art style more than makes up for this technological shortcoming. The soundtrack is fantastic, and I definitely recommend buying the game bundled with the full OST. It enhances the overall experience like not much music can. The story is the main focus of the game, juxtaposing the real world issues of a boy being abused by his father and his fantastical imagination. The plot is quite creative, and the ending packs quite an emotional punch. For people who love story in video games, Papo & Yo is a great game.


Fantastic Spectacle Fighter

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - PC

Pros -Incredibly fun gameplay -hilariously over-the-top dialogue and music -great graphics and effects -rewarding difficulty -very stylish Cons -hardcore MGS fans might not like the genre switch -plot is fairly weak Metal Gear Solid Rising shows that you can have both style and substance, with excellent gameplay and a hilarious over-the-top theme. While Metal Gear purists might hate it for deviating from the formula of older games, Rising is still an absolutely fantastic game.


Fantastic DLC

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Crusader Kings II Europa Universalis IV Converter DLC - PC

As opposed to most of Crusader Kings II's rather bland portrait packs and music bundles, the Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV converter is simply splendid. It bridges the two games in a way I can't remember happening ever before. The ability to transfer a save file is great for people who want a more well-rounded experience, which this DLC gives. for anyone who owns both these games, you NEED this DLC.


The horrors of war

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

When I heard about Spec Ops: The Line, I wrote it off as a generic third person shooter with a sub-average story. As it turns out, this gritty war story is anything but. The plot of Spec Ops is one of the more disturbing ones I have ever played through. It starts as a typical middle eastern war affair, but as the game progresses, delves into the mind of your main character, making you question your every decision in a way few games do. The graphics are beautiful for the time, and the gameplay is quite good. Spec Ops: The Line is a must-play.


Bloody fun

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

The Darkness 2 was a welcome surprise to me when I first played it. I was expecting a generic first person shooter, and what I got was a gory and stylistic experience that is profusely enjoyable. The graphics are strongly reminiscent of Borderlands, but in my opinion, better. The story and writing is very strong, and the atmosphere is wonderfully macabre. The gameplay is fairly run-of-the-mill, as it doesn't make many innovations in the FPS genre. If you have a chance to buy this game, you definitely should.


Return to Deus Ex Form

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut - PC

After Invisible War dragged the Deus Ex name through the mud, Human Revolution brings the series back up to its very high standards. You have multiple ways to go through each mission, and multiple ways to build your character. While there isn't as much freedom as the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution is still an impressive game. The graphics are quite good, and the music is fantastic. The FPS and RPG elements are balanced well, and the game as a whole is a rewarding experience. Definitely pick this game up if you haven't already.


Great addition!

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Headhunter 5 Son of Crawmerax MAC - PC

The Son of Crawmerax adds a much-needed atmosphere change from the base game. Going from snowy to downright tropical, it's a welcome locale for the Borderlands game. For only three dollars, this is a great value for the amount of content. The main boss is a behemoth of a creature that is one of the most impressive creatures yet. It provided sufficient challenge, and is definitely one of the best bosses yet. If you love Borderlands 2, this is something you should definitely pick up.


Nostalgic Classic

884okeoJ | July 12, 2014 | Review of Age of Mythology Extended Edition (4) - PC

Age of Mythology is a spin-off to the popular Age of Empires series, inheriting most main mechanics and gameplay features. The added mythological theme sets it apart from it others in its genre. Like Warlock vs. Civilization, many of the key components are the same, but the themes are wildly different. This HD Extended Edition is a lot like the HD Age of Empires 2 re-release. The game looks marginally better, but hardly enough to warrant a new purchase. Where this re-release gets its value is from the simplified multiplayer that Steam brings. If that's what you're looking for, you could do a whole lot worse than this game.


Extremely underrated RPG

884okeoJ | July 12, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates Steam - PC

Sid Meier's Pirates was one of the first RPGs I ever played, and it is still one of the best. You have an incredible amount of freedom to sail the seas, plunder, and trade. The graphics haven't aged very well, but if you can overcome that hurdle, you are rewarded with one of the most compelling RPG's ever. If you're tired of generic fantasy or sci-fi RPG's, Sid Meier's Pirates is a definite must-play.


Fairly Fun Multiplayer

884okeoJ | July 12, 2014 | Review of The Ship - PC

The Ship is a fresh take on the tired online multiplayer deathmatch genre. It adds elements of stealth and subterfuge into the mix, as well as some Sim-like elements. During each match, you must find the player randomly assigned to you, identify them, and kill them without being spotted by security. Meanwhile, you're also being chased by a randomly assigned player as well, and must avoid death. While more fun with friends, the Ship is still a unique experience that should definitely be played.


Inferior Zoo Tycoon

884okeoJ | July 12, 2014 | Review of Zoo Empire - PC

Zoo Empire is an ugly 3d-polygonal version of the classic Zoo Tycoon game. While Zoo Tycoon used sprites, Zoo Empire's models are all rendered in blocky and incredibly unattractive 3D. The gameplay is very similar, except Zoo Empire has a much more clunky interface that will cause you to need to look up help online. If you take time to learn the mechanics it can be a decently fun experience, but don't go expecting a masterpiece.


Great Game!

884okeoJ | July 8, 2014 | Review of Valiant Hearts The Great War NA - PC

Valiant Hearts explores an area rarely explored in video games, that of the first World War. It is primarily a puzzle game that focuses heavily on story telling and artistic merit. In those ways, this game passes with flying colors. The hand-drawn graphics add a lot to the game, and the story is absolutely fantastic. It makes you care about the characters in a way not many games these days do. The weak part of the game is the gameplay. The puzzles are all fairly rudimentary, and there are no innovative mechanics. That being said, this is not a game which relies on addictive gameplay, more on story. In conclusion, Valiant Hearts is a great story based game that is a definite buy for anyone looking for a World War 1 game.


Surgeon Simulator with tea

884okeoJ | July 7, 2014 | Review of AmpuTea - PC

This game is a love-it-or-hate-it type of game. If you're the type of person who enjoys a slightly unfair challenge that that of Surgeon Simulator, you'll love ampu-tea. The gameplay is very similar, as well as the graphic style. If you enjoy games like Surgeon Simulator and Octodad, Ampu-Tea is a must-buy.


Had a lot of potential

884okeoJ | July 7, 2014 | Review of Lifeless Planet - PC

Lifeless Planet isn't a bad game by any means, but it has a lot of wasted potential. It's a very interesting concept that can shine at times, such as the feeling of adventure as you explore the titular planet. However, it has the same problem that many other games such as DayZ have. There really isn't a whole lot to do aside from the main mission. It would have been nice to see some side objectives to break up the monotony of the main mission. The graphics are okay, but the game's performance is lackluster. For such an okay-looking game, you shouldn't need at least a GTX 640 to play on high settings. There are frame drops at points, which break the game's otherwise great immersion. In conclusion, Lifeless Planet is a good game that could have been a great one if it had more time to be worked on.


Great Open World Game

884okeoJ | July 4, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 NA - PC

Far Cry 3 is the best Far Cry game yet. It perfects the balance between fun and serious storytelling, and will leave you satisfied long after the game is finished. The story is somewhat uninspired, telling a story of Jason Brody, a man stranded on an island who has to rescue his friends while dealing with a psychopathic man named Vaas. What I really enjoyed about Far Cry 3 was the surreal and mythical elements sprinkled in throughout the course of the story, which I thought gave the game much more intrigue. The graphics are fantastic, and the voice work is great. The RPG elements are blended well with the first person shooter gameplay, which is fantastic. You're given an incredible amount of freedom on the island to roam, hunt wildlife, and take over outposts. If you're a fan of open world games, this is a perfect game for you.


The Grandfather of Stealth Games

884okeoJ | July 4, 2014 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

One of the best PC games ever made, Thief is an incredibly satisfying experience for stealth fans everywhere. The non linearity of each level allows you to approach beating it from so many different angles. You can also decide if you want to take down guards, or simply slip through the level unseen, without being detected. The graphics haven't aged well, but that can be said for most games made in the early 3D graphics era. The soundtrack is excellent, and the voice actor of Garrett adds dry humor to the game. Thief is a must play for any stealth game lover.


Heavily GTA Inspired Mafia Game

884okeoJ | July 4, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Mafia II is a flawed yet decent game that shines in some parts, but is weak in others. The story is fantastic, telling a rags-to-riches tale of Vito Scalleta, a veteran of war who has returned to America and joined the Mafia. While it is not the most inspired plot, borrowing heavily from GTA IV, the way it is told keeps you on the edge of your seat. The graphics are fairly good, being at the same level of most sandbox games at the time. The voice acting is phenomenal, and the music is great. The gameplay is nothing to write home about, with standard shooter mechanics that don't do anything to innovate. If you can find this game on sale, it is definitely worth buying.


Pure Fun

884okeoJ | July 4, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 is quite possibly the most fun I've ever had in a video game. Anything you can think of can be done, from playing tetherball with two 747s to attaching a Winnebago to a fighter jet. The game throws the laws of physics and reality out the window to give you an absolutely incredible gaming experience. The graphics of Just Cause 2 are great for the time, and have aged fairly well over the years. The game doesn't restrict you like others do, giving you the feeling of absolute freedom. The story of Just Cause 2 is almost non-existent after the first few hours. I found myself focusing less on the campaign and more on making ridiculous situations with the help of my grappling gun and world props. The island of Panau is enormous with boatloads of content. There are also mods to prolong the life of Just Cause 2 even longer, with the most prominent one being the multiplayer mod. This takes all the ridiculous fun of Just Cause 2 and adds your friends to the mix. This allows you to perform even more crazy stunts and tricks. In conclusion, Just Cause 2 is incredibly fun, and is a must-play for anyone searching for a great sandbox game.


Atmosphere at its best

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | Review of Alice Madness Returns NA Origin - PC

Alice Madness Returns is an underrated and atmospheric masterpiece. In a gritty reinterpreting of the classic fairy tale, Alice is in a mental asylum and must go to Wonderland to save her fantastical world. The graphics are not the best, but the art style is fantastic. It's a macabre and grim world you must traverse, and it is designed beautifully. The combat is much better than the clunky controls of the original Alice. It plays more like a hack and slash than its predecessor, which is a definite improvement. There are many platforming improvements as well. You can now double jump and glide, making the platforming much more interesting. In conclusion, Alice Madness Returns is a great game that will take you 10+ hours to beat.


Decent Addition

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Headhunter 2 Wattle Gobbler MAC - PC

The Wattle Gobbler DLC is an okay addition to vanilla Borderlands 2. There isn't as much content as something like Mr. Torgue's campaign, however, this DLC is also at a lower price. The titular boss is one of the more strange bosses, being a giant murderous chicken. I was hoping this would also be one of the harder bosses. Unfortunately, beating the Wattle Gobbler is quite easy. If you can get a good deal on this addition, it's worth picking up.


Best DLC Yet

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mr Torgues Campaign of Carnage MAC - PC

Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is a downright fantastic piece of DLC. The new enemy types help keep the game fresh, and the loot you get from going through the campaign is some of the best yet. This DLC also unlocks other parts of Pandora to explore, which is great for people who have already explored most of the map. The amount of new content that Torgue's Campaign of Carnage brings makes this piece of downloadable content definitely worth it for any Borderlands 2 fan.


Cool Halloween Themed DLC

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Headhunter 1 TK Bahas Bloody Harvest MAC - PC

I love it when companies have special addons for Halloween, and Gearbox is no exception. This spooky-themed Borderlands 2 update is a blast to play through. The Pumpkin King is a great boss to play against, and the cosmetic loot that you get from this downloadable content is great. Unfortunately, you don't get any new weapons from Bloody Harvest, and the boss is a bit on the weak side. If you are a Borderlands 2 loot junkie like me, you'll love Baha's Bloody Harvest!


Collection not really worth it

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | Review of Crusader Kings II Collection - PC

Crusader Kings II is a fantastic game. It may have a learning curve like a brick wall, but once you get over that, it is pure Paradox Interactive strategy goodness.If you thought Civilization V is too casual for you, Crusader Kings II has you covered. The music is fantastic, and the graphics are passable. The real meat is in the gameplay, where you are given an abundance of freedom to make your own choices on how you want to play. Although Crusader Kings II is a fantastic game, I cannot recommend buying the collection unless you are a diehard fan. The reason for this is that the majority of DLC is unnecessary for a lot of people. While a few pieces of DLC are actually gamechanging, the portrait packs and songs of faith are really not worth it unless you really care about immersion. Unless you're one of those people, just buy Crusader Kings II, and the DLCs that actually give you content, like Sword of Islam. (separately) Unless immersion is the most important thing for you in CK2, odds are you won't need the portrait packs and music.


Absolutely Brilliant

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

Portal was initially presented as an appetizer in the Orange Box, and emerged as possibly the best game in the deal. The puzzles are well-made, creative, and, when you finally finish them, incredibly rewarding. The pitch-black humor presented by the main antagonist, GLaDOS, makes Portal one of the funniest games I have ever played. The premise of the game is intriguing, putting you in the shoes of Chell, a test subject for the rogue robot. The rest of the game is a humor-filled and satisfying experience. While Portal is short, the quality makes it well worth it. Portal is an absolute must-play for anyone.


If you want a game like Civ, look no further!

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane - PC

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a fantastic strategy game that is easily accessible to new players, as well as rewarding to veterans. The hex based land and "spell" research will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played any of the Sid Meier Civilization games. The main difference between this and Civilization is the lesser focus on keeping your citizens happy and city management as there is in the latter game. Warlock is more about exploring and taking portals into other worlds than anything else. The graphics of Warlock are fairly good, and the music is excellent. For any strategy fan, old or new, Warlock: Master of the Arcane is an excellent game.


Incredible Game

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPGs I have ever played, and is easily the best looking. The visuals of this game are some of the best ever, and the voice acting is incredible as well. All of the music fits perfectly with the game, enhancing an already incredible experience. The first Witcher was a great game, but its successor improves in every conceivable way. The somewhat clunky combat of the first game has been made more fluid, the RPG elements have been improved even more, and the story is stronger than the first Witcher. In stark contrast to games like Skyrim, the Witcher 2 has an incredible amount of depth, with uniquely different areas of the map. While it may seem daunting to beginners, the Witcher 2's RPG mechanics are some of the best I've seen in a very long time. The Witcher 2 is an incredible game that should be in everyone's library. Even if you didn't play the first game, the Witcher 2's plot doesn't need a huge amount of backstory. I cannot recommend the Witcher 2 enough.


Fun, Witty Poker Game

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Poker Night 2 - PC

One of the main reasons why people bought Poker Night 2 is due to the loot available for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. While the items you get are certainly worth it, virtual goods aren't the only reason to buy this game. Poker Night 2 is a surprisingly good poker game with the added benefit of humor as well as well known characters to play against. There are now two modes of poker instead of one, and while Texas Hold'em is the most fun, Omaha Hold'em is enjoyable as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this game for anyone who knows the rules of poker, and is at least somewhat familiar with some of the characters you can play versus.


Constantly Crashes

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box NA Origin - PC

My opinion on Burnout Paradise might be a bit different if the game didn't crash every five minutes. When the game actually worked in those five minute increments, what I played was a satisfying racing experience that allowed you truly feel the speed as you raced from place to place. I like the open world system Burnout Paradise uses, with racing missions being strewn across paradise city instead of being chosen from a menu. The game's visuals are surprisingly good along with the physics engine, which has cars react realistically to collisions. I can't give this game a recommendation due to the constant game crashes, even though sans performance issues it is a solid game.


Bethesda does it again

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition - PC

I've always liked the Fallout games more than I liked the Elder Scrolls games, and Fallout 3 shows perfectly why. The atmosphere is unlike anything out on PC. Just stepping out into a radioactive DC wasteland and seeing the vast expanse of nuclear fallout is breathtaking. The segments of the game in the DC metro can be legitimately terrifying at times, with ghouls popping out of the shadows. The VATS system is very well implemented and is a creative conversion of turn based combat to a first person shooter. Non-VATS combat is one of the weaker parts of the game, as there are no iron sights to use for your guns. The RPG elements are spread well over the first person shooter canvas, with you being able to create your own play style with a multitude of skills to level in. The graphics of Fallout are okay for the time it was released, but the music is incredible. The selection of mid-1900's songs the game uses just help more to immerse yourself. The plot is pretty good, but the ending is subpar unless you have the Broken Steel DLC. Overall, Fallout 3 is a great game for anyone who is an RPG lover.


Still Amazing

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of DOOM Classic Complete - PC

The DOOM games are classics and should be played by anyone who enjoys first person shooters of any description. While the graphics of the DOOM I and DOOM II haven't aged well, the gameplay is still as addictive as ever. There is hardly a plot, but in a game like DOOM, that hardly matters. Like Wolfenstein and Rise of the Triad, DOOM has one simple objective. Kill your enemies and make it to the end of the level. There is no overarching story to get between you and mass imp genocide, and that's okay. Doom was one of the genre's pioneers that shouldn't be forgotten. Simply to experience the first major first person shooter, you should definitely play DOOM if you haven't already.


Terrible Title

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Kane and Lynch was a surprisingly adequate shooter, but its sequel, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is anything but. The only thing that keeps it from being a generic third person shooter is that most generic third person shooters aren't this bad. There is a wealth of bugs and glitches that holds the game down, as well as a terrible value for its price. I beat the game in 4.5 hours, and for a game that started at retail price, that is unacceptable. The ending makes no sense whatsoever, and the entire plot is just a jumbled, uninspired mess. Do not get Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days no matter how enticing it seems.


Pure Survival Awesomeness

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

The Killing Floor may only do one thing, but it does that one thing very, very well. Tripwire interactive has created a great wave-based horror game that can rival Left 4 Dead 2 in terms of pure fun. The graphics are passable, but the soundtrack is great. What Killing Floor does better than Left 4 Dead 2 is gameplay. The way guns handle in Killing Floor creates a much more visceral feel than Left 4 Dead. However, the main problem with Killing Floor is lack of variety in game modes. While some mods can fix this, Left 4 Dead 2 has much more variety in game types. Although Killing Floor sports incredible wave based survival, some extra variety could have helped the title compete more. If you're someone who enjoys survival based games, Killing Floor is a great choice.


Fantastic Co-op Zombie Fun!

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

Left 4 Dead 2 is a game best suited to playing with your friends, and by that I mean "if you don't play with friends you'll get yelled at nonstop". One of Left 4 Dead 2's only flaws is the incredibly toxic community, which makes it imperative to play with friends. The visuals of Left 4 Dead 2 are quite good, as well as the sound design and voice acting. The gameplay is quite enjoyable as well, with numerous guns to choose from and many different zombie types. The best mode overall is versus mode, where you can play as either a zombie or a survivor. This unique spin on the zombie genre gives it the edge over other games, like Killing Floor. If have some friends to play with, you should definitely give Left 4 Dead 2 a try.


Pretty cool DLC

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughter Dome MAC - PC

This DLC is a pretty nice addition to an already-great game. It's enjoyable to fight against the hardest monsters again in a new environment, while also being rewarding once you finally beat them. The loot you get from this is quite good, and you also get extra experience points to use in Borderlands 2. Moxxi's Rocket Launcher is incredibly fun to use and is very powerful against almost any type of enemy. If you're any kind of Borderlands 2 fan, this piece of downloadable content is definitely something you should look into buying.


Almost as good as the first

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

Bioshock 2 is a game with much more focus on the gameplay than the original Bioshock. You now play as a Big Daddy named Subject Delta, who has to traverse Rapture to rescue his Little Sister, named Eleanor. While some people bash this game for having a weaker plot, the story is still great. Although not as good as that of Bioshock's, Bioshock 2's story is still an emotional and powerful ride. Bioshock 2 has vastly improved gameplay over its predecessor. You can now have a plasmid in one hand and a gun in the other, which allows for much smoother gameplay and combat. You can also use a Big Daddy drill for even more combat variety. For fans of the first game, Bioshock 2 is a must-play. While some may bash it, it is still a fantastic game.


Great throwback to older shooters

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

Wolfenstein: The New Order is an excellent return to the wide-open levels and ridiculous guns of older shooters. In an alternate timeline, where Nazi Germany won World War II and control the world, you must defeat them once and for all. The plot is not one of The New Order's strong suits, although the atmosphere is quite good. The graphics are fairly good for a 2014 release, but some of the textures look quite dated. The game is well optimized for PC's, and rarely dips in frames. The most important part of the game is the shooting, which is done very well. Over the course of the game, you evolve into an unstoppable Nazi killing machine capable of dual wielding assault rifles and doing many more ridiculous things. If you are a fan of old school shooters, you should definitely give the New Order a try.


Not as good as Telltale's newer games

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Back to the Future - PC

As a fan of the Back to the Future movies, this game intrigued me when I first heard about it. However, the actual game is painfully average. The strengths of Back to the Future are its great voice acting and plot, but beyond that it just seems like a cash-in on nostalgia. The controls are painful to use and the camera is horrible in Back to the Future, and the puzzles are fairly easy. The game suffers from incredible linearity, as there is only one way to solve a problem. While not quite as bad as Jurassic Park the Game, Back to the Future is only worth buying for die hard fans of the franchise.


Peerless Point & Click

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

I'm not a watcher of the Walking Dead show or a reader of the comics, so when the video game came out I was apprehensive, However, after I had heard almost universal praise, I knew I had to try it. What I got was one of the most emotionally deep, soul-crushing gaming experiences of the past few years. The story is a gripping one, telling a tale of a man and a young girl struggling to survive in a zombie-infested world. Riddled throughout are tough choices you have to make which permanently alter the trajectory of the story. The five episodes of content allow for you to connect with the characters, making it even more devastating when they inevitable die a horrible death. With unexpected twists and turns over the course of the game, the Walking Dead is a fantastic game that anyone should play.


Awesome noir experience

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

The Wolf Among Us had a lot to live up to after the fantastic Walking Dead season 1. Fortunately, The Wolf Among Us is almost if not as good it's zombie-based predecessor. The setting is much more original than that of the Walking Dead, as TWAU is based in a New York City where "fables", real life versions of fairy-tale creatures live. The story that takes place in this setting is incredible, mixing mystery, suspense, and fantasy into one of the most gripping gaming experiences of the year thus far. The graphics are improved from the Walking Dead, with better textures, animations, and models. The gameplay is about the same, with mild puzzles as well as some quick-time events to mix things up. My main problem with The Wolf Among Us is the lesser emotional impact it has to the Walking Dead. I felt a lot less connected with the TWAU characters than I did with The Walking Dead, making it less impactful when a minor/main character kicked the bucket. In summary, The Walking Dead is a marginally better game, but the Wolf Among Us is a must-play for any fan of Telltale's works.


Second-best superhero game ever

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Arkham Asylum is a masterpiece of a superhero game. The story is a typical Batman story, and that's not a bad thing. The entire game is reminiscent of the Batman animated series, with even voice actors from the show voicing their in-game counterparts. The graphics are great for the time it was released, and the visuals have some nice extra touches as well, such as Batman's cape showing wear and tear. The free flow combat is amazing, feeling fluid as you beat your away through countless thugs. The stealth is also great, making you feel like you actually are the caped crusader. The game's real problems come with its boss battles. With the exception of the wonderful Scarecrow segments, all the boss encounters are below average at best. When facing off against the Killer Croc, a boss battle that had been built up to since the beginning, you merely have to shock him with batarangs until he gives up. The final boss is also mediocre as well, with the Joker simply throwing thugs at you until you win or you die. However, boss battles are quite possibly the only glaring fault of this game. Everything else is fantastic, with great atmosphere and good story. This game is a must-play for fans of Batman, beat-em-ups, or stealth.


One of the best PC games ever

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made, and for good reason. There are so many ways to play and reach your objective, giving the game extreme re-playability. The RPG elements are done very well, allowing you to customize JC Denton in whatever way you want, to suit your certain playstyle. The graphics certainly haven't aged well, but given that this game was released more than a decade ago, that's to be expected. The music, however, is fantastic, contributing to the great atmosphere of Deus Ex. Both first person shooter and RPG elements are well balanced, combining in the perfect way.


Great Game, AWFUL Port

884okeoJ | July 1, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Dark Souls on consoles is a great game with good controls and graphics. PC, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It is nearly impossible to play Dark Souls without a controller, which means extra hassle for people who enjoy using keyboard and mouse. Dark Souls also has its resolution permanently set at 1024x720, even for monitors larger than that. The whole game is a mess without multiple mods and patches to help straighten things out. While it helps, you shouldn't have to rely on mods to make a game work. However, once the stars align in your favor and the game is actually playable, you are greeted with a tough but fair RPG that is one of the best in recent memory. The gameplay is great, the bosses are impressive, and the atmosphere is unmatched. However, if you're really wanting to play Dark Souls, get it on consoles if you can.


Great team game

884okeoJ | July 1, 2014 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

Guns of Icarus is a fun and strategic game that is one of the most unique experiences on the PC right now. The game places a heavy focus on teamwork, so being on a ship with your friends while talking over Skype is the best possible way to play Guns of Icarus. However, playing with random people online can be quite aggravating, as it is harder to communicate and function as a team. This focus on teamwork is a good and bad thing. On the plus side, it helps the game shine when everyone is cooperating.However, it also makes it a slog to play with people you don't know. The graphics are average and the soundtrack is fairly good, but for Guns of Icarus, a gameplay-focused game, those two aspects are relatively unimportant. If you're someone who has other friends to play with, Guns of Icarus is a must-buy.


Not nearly all it's cracked up to be

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

Goat Simulator is a humorous and fun experience for anyone who wishes to play it. For the first 15 minutes, that is. After that, it becomes a lazy developer's lame attempt at creating a game solely for the purpose of people on youtube to play it. The game is terribly optimized for graphics that are nothing to write home about, and Goat Simulator can easily be beat in an hour and a half. Once the original thrill of playing as a goat wears off, you'll be wondering why you bought it. Only consider buying this game with a steep discount, and even then, there are better things to spend your money on.


Infinite Possibilities

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Kerbal Space Program - PC

Kerbal Space Program is one of those games where you aren't given a certain objective, you're just let to figure out what to do on your own. The brick wall of a learning curve this game has can be daunting, but that makes your achievements so much more meaningful. While some games have hollow milestones you can reach, getting into orbit or landing on the Mun make you feel like you've actually accomplished something. There is also a treasure trove of mods available for this game, with most adding extra realism. I'm not usually one for simulator-esque games like Kerbal Space Program, but this particular game is truly something special.


A Decent Bargain Find

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of BioShock Infinite Season Pass MAC - PC

Bioshock Infinite was a great game, however, its DLCs are not the best. The Early Bird Special pack simply makes a fairly easy game even easier, and is hardly worth spending money on. The Clash in the Clouds DLC is a fun distraction for an hour or two, but has no real substance. The real meat of the season pass is in Burial at Sea Part 1 & 2. If you're invested in the Bioshock lore, these are must-haves for the complete story. However, if you are only interested in gameplay, these two DLCs aren't necessarily worth purchasing. This is an okay season pass, but hardly a must-buy.


Brutal Fun

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

If you shy away from the sight of blood, this game probably isn't for you. However, if you're anyone else, this game is a must-play. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is the standalone version of a popular source mod, and it is a fast paced brutal multiplayer experience. The combat mechanics are fairly easy to learn, and hard to master. The melee combat is some of the best I've seen in a multiplayer game, and the ranged combat is decent as well. The game looks fairly good for an indie game, and it runs fairly well. There is also customization for your warrior, which is a nice touch for those who want to decorate their knight. Chivalry is a great and unique game that is a definite buy.


A Masterpiece

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

A spiritual successor to System Shock, Bioshock is one of the greatest games ever made. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect, with Rapture being one of the most vividly imagined gaming worlds ever made. The gunplay is excellent, giving you access to both plasmids and conventional weapons in a way where you can use both in an extremely satisfying manner. The story is fantastic, and the soundtrack is haunting, fitting the overall mood of the game perfectly. Bioshock's graphics still hold up today, and the game runs perfectly fine on any number of PCs without frame drops. One of the most unique experiences in gaming, Bioshock is a must-play.


Tough but Fair

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy is a game that is a welcome throwback to retro era tough-but-fair platformers. While this game is certainly difficult, it isn't completely unfair in the manner of games like I Wanna Be the Guy. The levels are well designed, and the music is top-notch. There is also a wealth of levels to keep you playing for a much longer time than a game at this price usually does. My main problem is the lack of responsiveness of the controls while using a keyboard and mouse. I found myself often pressing the jump button only to have my on-screen character do nothing at all. The best way to play the game is with a controller, but that is no excuse for a mediocre keyboard control scheme.


Dated yet Great

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Game of The Year Edition - PC

I picked up Morrowind a while ago and finally sunk my teeth into it over the past few days. While the combat is admittedly clunky and the graphics have certainly not aged very well, Morrowind is still, at its core, a masterpiece. The sprawling world is full of quests, dungeons, and caves that will cause you to spend countless hours immersed in an enthralling fantasy world. The leveling system is in-depth and allows you to truely customize the way you play. The sheer amount of content Morrowind provides compounded with the potential for additional mods to be installed is enough to warrant a purchase for any role playing game fan.


Awesome Shoot n' Loot!

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 MAC - PC

Borderlands 2 is a great first-person shooter with arsenals stocked full of unique enemies, guns, and loot. The graphic style is great, and the game runs at a rock-solid 60 frames per second without performance stutters or hiccups. The gameplay is a delight, and the guns feel like they have a real wiehgt behind them. However, even the best gameplay can get repetitive at some point. You can get tired of the same missions over and over again, as there is little variety in quest types. However, the rest of the game is polished and rewarding to play through. The game's humor is funny at times, but other times it just comes off as puerile. All in all, Borderlands 2 is an immensely satisfying experience that suffers from some repetition, but is ultimately a brilliant shooter.



884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Easily the best game of 2012, Arkham City is a fantastic experience in every single way. The voice acting is phenomenal, the graphics are top-notch, and the sound design is great. When it comes to gameplay, Arkham City excels in every single area. The beat-em-up combat is a joy to play with either keyboard or controller, and the stealth gameplay is exhilarating as well as rewarding. The boss battles and ultimately, the entire game is a huge step up from Arkham Asylum. The open world is a welcome innovation over the relative linearity of Asylum, and is breathtaking to glide over.


A Classic Resurfaces

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | Review of Age of Empires II HD Edition (1) - PC

The original Age of Empires 2 is possibly my favorite game of all time. On those merits, this game is an easy 10 out of 10. However, this re-release has to stand up based on it's own worth as well as it's original counterpart's. The game does look slightly better than the original Age of Empires 2, but no enough to warrant a rebuy. The main selling point for anyone wishing to buy this is a much-streamlined multiplayer system which allows you to play with friends over steam. For a marginal graphical improvement and an improved multiplayer system, whether this game is worth buying at full price is doubtful.