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Evil Mastermind Simulation!!!!

893kira | May 31, 2013 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

Evil! Evil Simulation! Basically in this game you create your super secret private theme park aka evil lair with booby traps that could put viet kong to shame and build some facade paris hilton hotel or las vegas casino that could make those pesky tourist, CIA, KGB, commando and etc to idiots. Having build an impregnable base you start making heist like stealing some gold reserve, kidnapping some famous people to teach your brainless minion to 1st class playboy or commando and some valuable artifact to finance your doomsday machine for word domination. Graphics: It's mediocre to this year because this game publish on 2004! Gameplay: 3 Avatar evil genius to choose Tropico gameplay minion system like workers, waiter, soldier and etc Different Henchman to chose 3 doooomsday machine that could leading to 3 different ending Pros: Entertaining Music (ahem evil music) Entertaining creative traps like bear traps, Nicholas cage bees, piranha w/ laser (just joking there are no laser piranha in the game) and many more black humor gameplay like killing disloyal minion in front of your minion to boost working activity and torturing some poor tourist or agents in a book shelves and even better collecting some corpse to make brainless hulk zombie to create a deadly patrols or make them a hamster to operate your creative traps. entertaining missions and villains aka heroes (super agents that could destroy your base) Cons: 2 Campaign stories, 2 islands, limited customization and annoying ai leading to micromanagement.