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Is this out of beta?

9stian9 | July 31, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

This game is not worth paying for. it doesn't even have a decent story, with bad gameplay. its fun at the begining, but you quickly get tired of the same animations over and over again. The only thing you have to monitor is how much ammo you got remaining on the current weapon, before you swap to melee and slashes your way through the enemies. However, it had some fun moments bashing some brainz and blowing heads, but only for a short amount of time. Playing it made me wonder, how hard can it be to make at least 2 animations per special move? And what made the creators release it? In adition there are many bugs, making it look more like a beta than a released game. The only thing decent about the game was the graphics. Though the optimization should have been better. And so in overal,l a half-finished game.