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Through so much pain you can tell a story.

AKdownfall | May 31, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

To give a little back history, I've never once was interested or considered playing one of the games from the Tomb Raider series. The series never looked appealing and never tried them. With that said though I knew the status of Laura was the badass female character based form what my friend experienced in the games. When it came to finally playing Tomb Raider you already noticed how much pain and difficulty Laura takes in this re-imagined prologue to the Tomb Raider series. But because of this endurance Laura goes through shows how much Laura transforms throughout the game and becomes the badass she is. Regarding the gameplay, the gameplay plays similar to that of the uncharted series without the whole cover system. The quick time button events are pretty annoying at times but that can be sufficed.