Reviews by ANeM


Decent, but flawed.

ANeM | March 1, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

Brutal Legend isn't great, but it is good enough. The fact is that it tried a bunch of things and not all of them were executed particularly well. You've got an open world game mashed with an RTS mashed with a brawler and it just didn't quite pan out for any of those things. The brawling is uninspired and the RTS is far too simplistic to be much fun, and the content offered by the open world is questionable at best. Furthermore, the driving mechanics for traversing said open world are clunky at best and the optional racing side quests are duller than dull. However, it still isn't a bad game despite all the game parts being somewhat bad. The redeeming quality of the entire game is really the Metal Motif. The soundtrack is fantastic and the world has enough interesting sights to see to justify just driving around and enjoying what the game has to offer.


Great Game, Weak Port.

ANeM | June 13, 2012 | Review of Dead Space RoW - PC

While Dead Space is at its core a fairly enjoyable survival horror, the PC port is hindered by numerous bugs and flaws that can occasionally make it nearly unplayable. In my experience the game suffered from two rather game breaking flaws. Illness inducing screen-tearing, and rage inducing input lag. Neither of these problems could be eliminated entirely, only made slightly less terrible, at the expense of making the other worse. Enabling V-sync to eliminate the Screen tearing only reduced it, there was still significant tearing. However, it also increased the already frustrating input lag by over a second. In a game that requires fast reaction in the form of quick-time events this is unforgivable. With V-sync on I was required in some situations to hit the QTE buttons before the prompts came up. The game is alright, but the fact is that I ended up buying a used xbox copy rather than finishing it on the PC, as the port was so poorly made.