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A worthy successor to an incredible game!

ASnakeNeverDies | June 6, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Metro Last Light is a familiar game that unfolds in a predictable way, but knows how to set itself above and beyond other titles of the genre, through its particular vision and atmosphere. It's an outstanding renderization of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, a place where people survive hunkered down in wooden/metal shacks that extend throughout the vast reaches of the underground tunnel systems that conform the massive structure of the Metro. All the while the outside world is as dangerous as it's unbelievably beautiful, in a way that I could only summarize with one of those hilarious "Wish you were here" postcards you often get sent from Skyrim. In spite of its numerous technical problems and lack of replayability, Metro Last Light delivers a thrilling atmosphere, a sense of urgency and meaning in every step of the journey, and a believable world populated with terrifying, yet beautiful creatures. [NOTE: THIS IS JUST A COPY OF MY STEAM RECOMMENDATION.]