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A fresh look after patch 5 (20th Oct 2013)

Achilles_90 | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

To begin, yes Rome II was a embarrassing mess at launch, that even made myself, a hardcore Total War fan, question whether I would even bother with this series any more. However that has been well documented and the game has received numerous patches, and now is in a much better state. As of the 20th of October 2013, the game is finally in a playable state. The game has undergone a huge amount of optimisation, not only in the graphical department to reduce stutter and painful end turn times, but also in the AI decision making and battle tactics. My current game is around 200 turns in, and remains incredibly smooth and lag free. Additionally, the AI opponents will now recruit deadly combinations of elite troops in their armies and press you hard, especially in sieges where they now (finally) use siege towers and ladders. Nations will now ally with each other, and major players such as Carthage are no longer annihilated by desert tribes. As I said above the game is now completely playable and very enjoyable however, there is room for improvement. The UI and certain political aspects of the game, are not very well represented and are quite dull in comparison to previous Total War games. It is manageable though and I'm sure high on CA's list to improve. Look out for changes to these features in coming patches. As of today, the game also received it's 5th official patch and free DLC adding the Seleucids to the game, who are incredibly interesting, not only in starting position but in terms of the wide unit variety available to them. In its current state, 8.5/10 (and this will only increase with time and patches from CA)