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Great Game

Ack4orge | April 22, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

The score I gave might come as a surprise, but personally, this is one of the best games I have ever played! The competitive game nature of this game is where it really shines. It actually takes skill to do good in this game. In my opinion, getting kills and winning rounds are much more satisfying in this game than others, as you know that it was due to your individual skill and your groups teamwork. The gameplay is smooth, polished, and punishing. The guns have a nice feel to them, and each weapon is unique. Each gun also has a huge recoil pattern, but they can be managed once you learn them. This game's gunplay is all about reflexes and pinpoint accuracy. You have to aim for the head. Spraying isn't a matter of aiming and holding the left mouse button. You have to know each gun's recoil pattern and how to control it if you want to at least be hitting the center of mass. There's a variety of official maps. Each of them are well balanced and designed for competitive play in mind. In addition to the permanent maps, there's also a limited timed community "map pack" that gets released, so that should be able to satisfy needs for new maps. The developers support this game quite well, already adding 3 different permanent official maps to the game since release, including one that was created from scratch. There's likely to be even more support for new maps. A new feature that was added not too long ago are items. These come in the form of weapon skins, kill counters built into guns, crates that contain skins, and there's even been 3 brand new weapons. The skins are only cosmetic and and don't give any sort of advantage. They just look pretty and I don't mind having them at all. Everybody has access to all weapons, so you don't have to worry about not having a gun someone else doesn't have. So far, the new guns are very well balanced and aren't overpowered or anything of the sort. New skins are regularly being released, and some really are nice looking. Competitive isn't the only game mode.The only other official game modes that offer a decent amount of fun are the demolitions and arm race game modes. But what really hosts the most unique game types are the community servers. You can play something from prison break, to zombies, surfing, and basically anything else the community can come up with. I haven't checked if they have prop hunt yet, which is basically like hide and go seek, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. It's one of my favorite custom game modes. Overall, this game is solid. I've played about 800 hours of this game and probably many more to come. There's really no other FPS game like this, that is so smooth, polished, and competitive. I've enjoyed basically everything about this game, and haven't come across many major flaws in regards to the gameplay. Honestly though, I can see how some people wouldn't like this game. It can be hard to get into because really does take some time to learn the guns, tactics, maps, and more. But if you're looking for a competitive game that takes skill, and you're willing to put in the time and effort into it, I highly recommend Counter Strike: Global Offensive.