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Watch Dawgz

Adam94 | July 5, 2014 | Review of Watch Dogs - PlayStation 4

I've seen some mixed reviews on this game so I'll try to combine the best and not so great aspects of this game. Ubisoft delivers an amazing sandbox-style gameplay; the customisation possibilities and skill attributions are endless, but at the same time enjoyable to play. Online play is a lacking a little. It's kinda annoying that people can randomly hack into your game, making missions locked for a short while. Not only this, I expected some form of team DM, things like that. The story, despite what "Everybody Plays" says, is great. It's a game who's story can be set within the near future, with all the possibility and reality of the present. Futuristic, scary, but realistic. I expected better visuals, for saying Ubisoft had to rebuild the game. There are areas that are 'patchy' literally. With saying this, slightly better than average graphics do not discourage this game. To sum up: Get this game if you: - Enjoy sandboxes like GTA, AC, Crackdown, etc. - Value a gripping storyline - Feel as if the city of Chicago needs a vigilante with a smartphone that needs no charger Do not get this game if you: - Value more online-play - Are a complete graphics freak Overall, a great game with some little glitches, so to speak Peace.


An average game

Adam94 | Jan. 24, 2014 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us - PlayStation 3

Beat em ups arcade style games are fun... For a limited amount of time. This game like many others are just the same, just with DC characters. Don't get me wrong, it was good to play my favourite comic book heroes and the story was pretty good, the graphics, okay. What ruined the game for me was that, like any other game like this; you become a machine that simply remembers combat codes and nothing else; it sucked the fun out of the game for me, personally. If you're into that, you'll love this game. Peace Out.


A Call of Duty game

Adam94 | Jan. 24, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty Black Ops - PlayStation 3

If you're a Call of Duty follower like I am myself; you would have got this game. If you didn't, get it now, there are still people playing and its still a good story to play. This game made the Cold War period, anything but cold. Explosions, missile crises and greatness. This is like any other CoD game, something we like, something we know, something we either love or hate. Like Marmite, or dogs. Why it was good, for me: - The period of history is interesting, with a fictional twist, the game was made - The return of Zombies! Scaring everyone cr*pless - The online, familiar but again, like a reliable old car, still delivers Why is was not so great - Graphics, if you're interested were poor, so much smoothing, no texture - If you were expecting something different, it disappointed To sum up people; the game was good for those who played and enjoyed CoDs of past time, its still good to play through the story, but it can only really be enjoyed once. Peace Out.


The better of Batman games

Adam94 | Jan. 24, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum - PlayStation 3

I recently wrote a review on Arkham Origins, check it out if you wish, if not then whatever. I'll be comparing this game to the re-hashes of it that later came from WB studios. So this game, when it came out all that time ago was the first playable Batman game on the previous gen consoles; the gaming and comic book community were sceptic at first, but unnecessarily so - The game proved a hit; this is why: - It's a Batman game, it was going to be a hit - The Batman franchise was hitting an all time high, with The Dark Knight to be released - The game play was original, it was an adventure/action/beat em up but with purpose, a story the comic book community loved - The concept of being Batman overthrew us all, the gadgets, combat skills and shear awesomeness of it all overthrew us It did have its draw backs: - It soon became repetitive gameplay, tedious with far too many collectable items to seek - The graphics could have been better for the PS3. The output was 720p but details were missed in some of the environments (if you're not interested in graphics then dismiss this point) The game, to sum up was an original, something WB needed but eventually destroyed with the new-ish Arkham Origins. The 3D functionality was good, great for a game of its time. It was, simply a good game. Peace Out.


From birds-eye to prime eye

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V new - PlayStation 3

We all remember Grand theft auto, right? The shoddy, yet mesmerising birds eye arcade/story game that we pleaded our mothers to buy us? - This is that, but better; 9 years in production gives you what it was meant for; genius. You'll see, all reviews of this game will reach next to 100, 10/10 for other reviewing sites, rightly so. Rockstar have worked hard so we can play hard. Great, why? - Its GTA, c'mon. If you don't like it, you're weird. - Story, money, B*tches. You like? Yes! This game has it, in great portions too. - Online, customisation, everything! Just get it Not so great - Once completed, you feel empty, *SPOILER ALERT* Having all the money you want from the big heist, you don't feel like doing much but sexing it up *SPOILER END*. Then again, go online, its what i did. My point is invalid i guess, just get the game! Peace out.


Prequels are not that great

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PlayStation 3

If you like Batman games then you'll love this re-hash of a moderately good franchise of video gaming. I like Batman but think previous titles are better. The game lacks innovation, something brought to the table in the old days of Arkham Asylum and (kinda kept up) in Arkham City. If you are looking for a batman game, get one of those, if you love them, then only try this. Try not to buy this first as it will give you an unrealistic picture of previous games. I will give the game credit; it does follow nearly all aspects of the DC universe. It's heavily Synder based (if you know who he is, kudos, if not then he's a modern Batman writer- very good). I cannot stress how alike this game is to the others, but only lacking something other than 3D functionality! (If you're posh like me, buy Arkham city and Asylum and lap it up on your amazing 3D tele). The first two games are certainly better. If you like beat em ups, get it. If you love beat em ups, get the first two. Peace out.


It's an initial release game, give it a chance

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Killzone Shadow Fall - PlayStation 4

So, I bought my PS4 in November and have not played on Killzone since... November. It didn't hit me; I went and bought Battlefield and played that. I am criticised by friends and family alike for being a sporadic gamer; i don't necessarily complete games, whooptie-do, wanna fight about it? But this game gave me reason to not play: - The story of Killzone is dead, some critics would say it never really took off as an opposition to Halo, i won't be that harsh. This game is disappointing for a Killzone game, there's no real new weaponry; the only real new feature is online. - Clunky, clunky as hell. Ram up the sensitivity otherwise you will get angry with how long it will take you to spin 360degrees. I hate slow, clunky things. If you like Killzone, you may be disappointed. Although the visuals are easy on the eye, a game should not rely solely on graphics without a strong story, strong control system and good gameplay, this game lacks all 3, sadly. If you're new to FPS, then try it out, but don't let it put you off FPS. Not all of them are slow. Peace out


Call of Duty, for people with a functioning brain

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 4 - PlayStation 4

I've only ever really been a Call of Duty player when it comes to FPS so i thought i'd give something 'different' a chance. I was pleasantly surprised in some areas, but bored in others. Where i was surprised: - The customisation of weapons, both in game and online is immense, trumps on CoD - The story of the campaign was interesting, enthralling and real (well, to the point i got to before trying online play and, appalled with my KtD, simply stopped playing) - Vehicles? What are these? Being a CoD nut, i have never seen vehicles in a FPS. There's a wide and easily handled set of tanks, jeeps and PLANES! - Ultimate destruction. Psychopaths, buy this game and explode some stuff, cathartic and innocent (can blowing stuff up really be innocent?) - Graphics. If you are interested in graphics and making sure that you play something worth your while, and easy on the eyes, buy this game, the graphics are simply great! Being a PS4 fanboy, i love rubbing it in my unfortunate Xbox one friends that the game runs at a higher frame rate and is in glorious true HD (as apposed to Xbox one, which runs in 720p) Where i was disappointed: - I dunno, I think cause I'm used to CoD, it just seemed weird. As if I had stabbed Acitivision/Infinity Ward in the back. Especially seeing as I gave into the tyrant that is EA - Nobody talks online. Nobody! - Clunky, you need to boost the sensitivity to the max to make it seem something To Sum up: Get the game if you're too used to CoD, play something different-ish for a change; you may like it better than I. If you hate FPS then why bother look at this review, if I've changed your mind about FPS then please buy. Peace out


LEGO, the not quite LEGO video game

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Knack - PlayStation 4

So, a PS4 exclusive release title, that not many like? Surprised much? No, this game is one of the reasons for why I thought, 'Should have got an Xbox One'. The game is literally for children, unless you're stupid enough to let a child get their sticky, dirty paws on your new console, try not to buy this game. Buy a game that'll make them wish they never asked to play. This is the Mega Blocks of games; remember Mega Blocks? The cheap knock off of Lego? Well this is Mega Blocks, the video game (that throws in some orcs and a scientist, and some relics). I really cannot express how bad this game is. All I can say is that when queuing for a PS4 on release night, those who did not pre-order had to choose between Knack bundle and Killzone bundle. The Killzone bundle sold out fast; everyone laughed at those who got the Knack bundle; it was great, some real community spirit. I got the Killzone bundle but played this game at a friend's house who was unfortunate enough to get either this bundle or no PS4 at all until 2045 or whatever. To sum up: + If you like games for children, get this game, or a child, but never buy your child Mega Blocks, or this game, my 10 year old nieces at the time found it laborious - If you have a child, don't let them play on your PS4 - The graphics are horrific for next Gen (slow, clunky, jagged) - The storyline is pointless (It's history vs modern science, dulled down) - The gameplay is a cheap Crash Bandicoot (Sony, re-release Crash, please) *Note: I dislike this game. Duhhh Peace out


If you like football/ soccer.

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of FIFA 14 - PlayStation 4

So, being more of a rugby person than a football 'lad', i was initially sceptical before purchasing this game; the scepticism was truly unnecessary. I've only really ever played FIFA football once or twice; my experience with such games is limited but I thoroughly enjoyed FIFA street so thought, 'Why not?'. Although the game is not FIFA street, it is still FIFA football, if you're looking for different gameplay, customisation and other stuff, then don't buy the game. If you like football, then get the game, why look at reviews? Cleverly, EA have managed to keep the teams updated nearly 24/7 and can attribute skill sets to the players regarding how well they have played, real time, not just in-game but in a real game of football, whatever one of those is. I have this on PS4 and can honestly say that the graphics are great! The optimisation for PS4 consoles stands out; the detail on Wayne Rooney's ugly mug is both harrowing but impressive, you could easily sim a game, leave it on the tv and forget that you're watching a computer game; the graphics are amazing, simply. But, the game seems a little slow. I know seasons last a long time in football, but if you don't like football, you'll find that the time 'drags' when playing. It's not really a game to play alone, get some friends and play together, gloat in front of their faces as your Accrington Stanley FC crushes their Barcelona, 7-0 (take that brother of mine). To sum up: - Not interesting, but if you want true excitement then buy a different game - Same as any other football game + GOOOAALLLLL, Celebrations are amazing, the chicken dance specifically; the only real customisable option, other than FIFA Ultimate Team; which is okay, I guess if you're not all that into football. + Graphics, graphics, graphics! Get a PS4 and buy this game if all you play games for is to show your mum and dad the reason for why you spent £400+ on a next gen console (But it's better mum! Really!) *Note: I despise football, so may not give a totally objective view of the game itself, but this video game which simulates a game i dislike is... Okay, especially if it hurts your legs to run and kick a ball in real life. Peace out.


Another Assassin's Creed Game

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - Playstation 4

Every year, Ubisoft release the latest in the Assassin's Creed franchise. Whilst every year, the combat, story and concept of the game refuses to change, buyers like myself and other reviewers still buy it, but why? This Assassin's Creed is no different from the other 5 mainstream console titles; this doesn't mean its no good, the opposite nearly. The developers are intuitive, with their realistic yet different concepts of historical figures that we love, Blackbeard for example. The voicing of the characters, like any other AC game is brilliant. The 'star of the show' so to speak has got to be the all new naval scene. Ubisoft have done very well to make sailing your very own ship realistic yet fun. The environments are diverse and great to explore (although costly of time); you could easily spend hours without knowing, trekking the Caribbean, skinning animals and opening chests. The missions are, although a lot like any other AC game's missions, are still enjoyable to play. The customisation like any other AC game is immense! Robes, pistols, swords and ship upgrades are avast - Gotta catch 'em all. I have AC 4 on PS4; the 'graphics' I would say have been optimised for the console in comparison to the PS3 (which maxes at 720p) and the Xbox One (which maxes at 1080i). You can play this game at 1080p (of course if you have a 1080p tele); but I would have liked to have seen some 3D functionality. So to sum up: - It's a lot like any other AC game - 3D functionality would have been nice, Ubisoft - There's no real new features (only naval), no new weapons (in comparison to AC 2 where gunpowder was available) BUT + The historical period of the game is interesting (to me at least) Ubisoft have researched this period well and have the best voice actors on the scene + The only (semi new) feature of naval battles are great, especially hearing all the sea shanties your swash-buckling ears can take + The graphics, on the PS4 at least are truly beautiful If you love AC then you'll love this game, if you don't love AC, you'll at least like this game, without having to fork out on buying the previous 5 to get the story-line. Peace out.