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Good for a F2P title

Adrianix | May 31, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

I wouldn't have paid any money for this game, I have to tell you. It has its potential and it gets funny along the 2 last chapters, but it's plenty of bugs, the optimization for PC isn't good enough (although it has some good graphics for environments) and, most important of all, the story is practically null: the only thing you know along the game is you have to kill, kill and kill monsters. Some words about a plague, a cure, a biological weapon... but it isn't able to tell a good developed story as you only kill and kill, level by level... As I title this review, Necrovision: Lost Company is sort of a irregular game, it has some good, funny moments, but the non-sense killing, the bugs and the practically null story doesn't make it to pay for it. It would be a really good F2P title, and thanks to Greenmangaming it was that way for me.