Reviews by Adurm


100% Fun

Adurm | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

I expected a serious game out of this and it defiantly delivered. With all of the tasks that you do with all of the chaos going on at the same time, you will have some definite gaming to do when you get this game. Not only did I take this as a serious title, I also found out that it is so much fun when it comes to playing with friends. The game takes on the seriousness of a simulator but also the fun of a co-op multiplayer. The craziness of playing online can get insane. I can guarantee 100% laugh out of everyone who buys this game and gets online with a friend. For how expensive it is, I expected an utter disappointment and got the complete opposite. Everyone should jump online for definite fun.


Just wow

Adurm | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC DVD

This game would so much better than expected. Take Grand theft auto IV, and just make it as wild as possible and this is what you will get. This game is about as random as it can get. Even if you see yourself as 'that serious gamer' This is still the game for you. I have played each saints row game and they have all been a different experience as brilliant games. But this has just taken it to a new level for me. The characters, the environment, the vehicles and just over all game play just blew my mind. They took some wild chances with this game but it has just turned out to be a perfect game for me. To add to how awesome this game was for me, I ventured in to the multilayer. Showing a friend 5 mins of gameplay, he instantly brought the game and we jumped straight in. Double the fun with friends and such a good laugh. one of the best purchases I have made recently. 100% recommend.