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I love it

Aedific | May 22, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls Online Post - PC

If you are expecting skyrim or oblivion in a MMO mode, you will be disappointed. It is not skyrim. I think that skyrim with MMO would be chaotic. You would be killed every 10 minutes by another player, and there would be no lore, since almost every npc would be dead, or fighting for their lifes. I like the idea of having a different area for pvp. It has pvp, quests, exploration areas. You can choose between going to a zone where you can raid castles and steal elder scrolls and explore while being alert because you can find an enemy at any dungeon. But also, you can play exploring and making quests in your alliance territory without enemy players. It’s your choice, and I enjoy that a lot. You can easily switch between areas. Also, the crafting system is great. It takes effort to improve your skill there, and I loved that you have to research for different traits every single item. It takes time, so you can’t rush it. Finally, the best part is that the staff of the game really takes into account everything you report. It is not a robotized system. I have been playing since beta, and yes, they were a lot of bugs, even at the start of the game. They rushed it. But the developers have been answering every single bug report and fixing them to make a great game. It may have flaws, but the game is in constant improvement. It is a new game, and I see a lot of future in it.