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An amazing journey

Aemony | Nov. 30, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition - PC

Far Cry 3 feels like a reinvigorating addition to the first-person genre. The story campaign itself by far triumphs everything else I've played this year, including Dishonored. The characters feel real and the narrative is great and emotional. I loved the journey of the main character, from a normal guy to a mighty warrior drunk on his own power over life and death. Ultimately, the game is brought down by the world it is set in, and the design choices to limit player backpack and wallet hinders genuine exploration of the vast and beautiful world. This is no living and breathing world like in Skyrim, but acts as a mere setpiece for the ever surprising story. The side missions is also somewhat of a disappointment, in the end they're only fillers not even remotely required to fully maximize the skill trees of the player. But my enjoyment of the story was great, and I found myself struggling to stop playing the story missions at night. It's great that they've incorporated the fire element more into the story than in Far Cry 2, and I found myself laughing like a maniac along with the main character when we first got our hands on a flamethrower. Ultimately, coop and multiplayer might seem like tacked on elements to the game, but I'm more than satisfied with the singleplayer element alone. It was great, it provided me with a story that felt more real than anything else I've played this year, and it even managed to make me second-guess myself towards the end of the journey. Any fan of immersive and interesting journeys should definitely give Far Cry 3 a look.