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Dreamcast collection in name only

AeonLinear | March 24, 2013 | Review of Dreamcast Collection - PC

It should be noted that while these games were released on the Dreamcast, these are not the versions old Sega fans will fondly remember. Each title is either shell-of-former-self variations, missing the original soundtracks and graphical elements (Crazy Taxi, due to copyright issues), or shoddy ports of already mediocre Gamecube ports of the original Dreamcast titles (Sonic Adventure etc.). Sega have published and released a lot of their titles on the PC which are very true to their original forms, but this pack isn't one of them. Quite sad, considering how enthused I was when I heard of Dreamcast re-releases coming out a few years ago. This shouldn't be a surprise though, as most of the crowning jewels of the DC library (albeit with a few exceptions) were developed and published outside of the Sega umbrella. Save your dinero and put it towards Sonic Generations or Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, or a bundle of the 16-bit gems.