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Bored? No more. Borderlands is your solution.

AfroMetal | June 25, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

So. Everyone play MOBA, online FPS and you are just sitting here masturbating? No more. Get your facts straight and believe that Borderlands don't deserve it's second name 'Boringlands'. All you need to change this game completely is bunch of friends or just random people that will play it with you in wonderful coop mode. Yes. Cooperation is THE thing. That one simple element which changes all gameplay and all experience you get from this game. So if playing Borderlands bored you once you will get all new game just by inviting more people to join you. In cooperation you will get fun not only from Claptrap's jokes but also when you talk with mates through build-in voice communication. They thought even about this. Last but not least: when you are done with main plot, DLC's added to this Game Of The Year version lets you get tons of fun beyond that. You like new trend for zombie games? No problem, you get zombies. Lot of them. You liked Claptraps? No problem they are running little revolution out there and you are the one to help them. Still hungry for killing some Psychos and Bandits? All of the stuff you loved from base game is there plus one. So do not disregard this game when next time you hear about 'Boringlands'. It is not boring when you have friends to share fun with.