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A Great Game with Few Flaws

Agerion | April 27, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

The developers of this game weren't just looking for a way to make extra cash by porting it from it's home consoles to PC, this game really takes the PC Power and pumps what it can into the game. The fighting mechanic is tense and exciting since you must keep track of both your ammo and battery on your flashlight and all enemies are invulnerable until the darkness has been burned off of them. The game plays out like a TV show which is a big plus for College Students like myself. You play through an episode, it wraps up nice and tight, and when you come back next week you get a recap of what happened. This can be a problem for those gamers looking to complete the game in a single sitting, however. That coupled with the fact that, in cinematic, facial animations are comically stiff, are the only gripes I had with the game. Alan Wake is worth both your time and money.