Reviews by Alaistar


A Painkiller for a PC Gamer's soul

Alaistar | May 14, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

So, Painkiller. This game looks to everybody on the first sight as a shooter that could not be good. But send those thoughts into video game hell fellow gamers because THE game for you if you miss the old days of PC games (or games in general). Remember? Everything was more simple, faster, longer, made with a hearth. If you do remember, don't hesitate and buy it. NOW. This is the most fun you will have with games before Painkiller 2 comes out, pretty much. Every level, every enemy, every gun has a masterful dressing, you can see the love the developers put into the game, while most studious would just change the colour of a enemies vest or re-paint a gun, People Can Fly have made every inch of this game an absolute extrrrraaavaganza which is definitely worth your money.


Neat little game, worth a playtrough

Alaistar | May 13, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka. I like to say that word. Magicka. It sounds to appealing i would want to get girls with it. Ehh, anyway. Magicka is as you might have guessed a indie game about 4 Wizards travelling to complete a big quest. The main selling point is the games Magick system that lets you combine elements to create powerfull spells to cast, and when i say theres a million possible combinations, i mean it. This system can create a great amount of fun, specially when you send your friend flying of the screen like if he had rocket boots, and don't forget, you can steal your mates items after you kill them! The game also goes for a painterly aesthetic creating a good looking game world. While i have given much praise so far, i want to clear up a bit: is it flawless? No. There are still quite a little amount of bugs, sometimes even the game crashed during loading times and also the save system would need some work. The game also has the problem of lasting maybe 2 to 3 playtroughs, afterwards it just gets repetitive. So yeah, Magicka. A neat little indie title what while not perfect, is still more innovate and funny than most games these days. So i say: its worth the price, give it a try!


The most fun i had with a sandbox

Alaistar | May 13, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

At first glance, Just Cause 2 might look to some as a stupid game with over-the-top action that never let's off. But no fellow gamers, Just Cause 2 is a game that defines Sandbox, fun and action. The plot is kept pretty basic: go into this tyranny ruled tropical nation, create chaos and overthrow the dictator Pandak Panay ( Baby Panay if you will). To get help with this task you have to team up with 3 minor crime organizations in Panau, which are all nicely varied in terms of motivations and deeds   But you are not here for the story now are you? No sir ( or lady) you are here for the gameplay which Avalanche Studios polished up to near perfection. Your main tool will be a grapple hook which can attach to any surface in range, this is specially helpfull in hairy situations. You can, also attach things to other things, so have fun experimenting! Also another tool in Master-Wizard in Time and Space Rico Rodriguez's inventory is a big number of silly, effective and fun to use guns. And to top it all off, you can pull a unlimited amount of parachutes literally out of your.... Now for the game world, which is really huge. Like, really really really huge. If you can imagine a world about 25km on each side with enough sand to fill the Sahara desert you have the right idea. The world itself is richly detailed and varied, and absolutely amazing to look at to say the least. So, yeah. Just Cause 2 is a amazing, fun, silly, action-packed sandbox game and it would be a crime not to try it out.