Reviews by Albys66


Frag and drop

Albys66 | Feb. 22, 2014 | Review of Post Apocalyptic - PC

A fast-paced racing game set in a futuristic world looking decadent. Despite being an indie -game, the graphics has a very respectable and a good optimization. It 's very pleasant to travel on tracks formed between the devastated city, desert areas and airports, where the jumps and explosions are always around the corner. The competitions are based more on the armed clash between the competitors. We are therefore not dealing with a game like the old Pod, where the final result was given by the performance. Here what matters are the frag, obtained with three types of weapon (front, side and back) for each different vehicle and really good for originality and effect. The many achievements to earn and provide fun right degree of challenge from the beginning, thanks to the three levels of difficulty present. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks: one of these is the limited number of tracks. Even the repetition of everything you may bored after a few hours of play. Finally there are some bugs that often lead to sudden crashes with the game back to the desktop. But if you love the spectacular games, PAM will be able to strike at the heart and keep you company for a few nights.


A piece of heart!

Albys66 | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

One of the most emotional games ever tried in my long career as a gamer. TWD is the future of entertainment, you and only you are the real hero of the story, and the characters of the same live or die depending on what you choose, the forks that entrances. And all of this provides a level of involvement scary. Against this background, in this splendid product of Telltale, it should be recognized a limited possibility to explore, and the interaction is possible only when it has been decided by the programmers. But the whole thing never sounds forced nor limiting, thanks to the excellent art direction. The twists and turns and the psychological depth of the humans are both cinematographic level.Il game hits hard even without the use of 3D graphics and a thousand special effects. You return to the narration pure pleasure to turn the page (in this case, the screenshot ) and see what happens and what we combine it with our "victims". Longevity is very good, over 20 hours. No bugs to report, rescues that work very well and graphics that, despite the apparent boards comics for simplicity, expressiveness of the faces gives a really fabulous. Do yourself a favor, buy it! And do not tremble too much in front of the forks, you could die twice!


Even a small step towards the ultimate simulation

Albys66 | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of NBA 2K14 - PC

I buy NBA2K for 6 years, and every time I say it will be the last. Because I know it is a powerful drug, and I get angry for all the little things that in the vanilla game have not been implemented. Then, as always, I fall into temptation, I buy it, and then I'm going to improve it (my Albys Realistic Roster and Gameplay is famous ) wasting a lot of time. Also this year , the step taken by 2Ksport in gameplay is minimal: a better ease of stopping the opponent ( too easy, now ), better fastbreak , some settings in more defensive . All in all, nothing earth-shattering . Best are the innovations in the movements, with a game in the post that has become very interesting and realistic. Also some excellent reproductions of the most famous players, and in general, such as playing sports are always at significant levels of simulation. But there are so many things that could be done better: 1 ) The roster lacks regular players under NBA contract 2 ) The Association mode is always the same , without the slightest innovation. 3 ) My player mode always has a few bugs. 4) Many players overall and tendencies are ridiculous. 5 ) the graphics are outdated. Luckily, the game is highly modifiable thanks to amateur patch , and if you know where to look you can create a terrific game for visual impact as well as to the realism.