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The best headhunter pack hands down.

Alcatraz_Inmate | June 18, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Headhunter 5 Son of Crawmerax - PC

This headhunter pack is full of unique and interesting things you wouldn't expect from a headhunter pack. It has several new assets to the game like the treasure varkids, and an actual raid boss rather than those other pushover bosses from the previous headhunter packs. While the son of crawmerax may not drop as much loot as his father from Borderlands 1, it is still pretty rewarding to take him down. Overall this pack offered a great experience that all Borderlands fans should play.


Easily the best Prince of Persia

Alcatraz_Inmate | June 17, 2014 | Review of Prince of Persia The Warrior Within NA - PC

Recently I replayed this game and it is just as amazing as it was when I was younger. There is so much more depth built up from the mechanics in PoP: The Sands of Time. The combat and is intense, the music is perfect, and the scenes where you have to escape the dahaka will have you on the edge of your chair. Do NOT pass this game up because of it's age. It is a great game and one of the classics of the PS2. In my opinion it is better than anything this generation's adventure games can offer.


Better than some other DLC Characters

Alcatraz_Inmate | June 17, 2014 | Review of Killing Floor Reggie the Rocker Character Pack - PC

This isn't a terrible dlc character to have and it is pretty interesting to have another character with a custom voice pack in killing floor, however I feel like it isn't really necessary in the slightest. If you like this sort of thing then by all means get this characters, some of his lines are very interesting to say the least.


It's decent but that's about it. Don't pay full price.

Alcatraz_Inmate | June 11, 2014 | Review of Killing Floor Community Weapons Pack 3 Us Versus Them Total Conflict Pack - PC

So first thing is first. I should mention that all these guns feel like they're sidearms or weapons that should be used to support people who are actually doing the killing. In the first 2 weapon packs there were several weapons that changed my playstyle for each class. They made me make different choices in the weapons I would be using in various situations. These don't really do that in the slightest. I mean the 2 demo weapons are just flat out terrible in my opinion, the bile blower is like a really weak version of the flamethrower.... like REALLY weak, and the zed gun mk2 is decent, but I feel like the first zed gun (you know, the one you unlock for FREE on the map moonbase) is a little better than it's mk2 variant. So all in all, this isn't worth the price, but if you simply must have it, then get it on sale.


The complete package!

Alcatraz_Inmate | Oct. 8, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition NA - PC

This is Borderlands the way it was meant to be played folks! This game of the year edition of borderlands is everything anyone can ask for. It has the 4 campaign add tons, which includes tons of new devastating guns and deep, expansive stories of their own. The two character packs which vastly increases replayability of the game, especially with the upgrade pack that increases your level cap and introduces the new ultra rare pearl weapons. Includes multiple customization packs to truly make your character your own. This game sincerely deserves game of the year status. Get it you won't regret it!


Meh... well it's kinda interesting

Alcatraz_Inmate | Oct. 2, 2013 | Review of The Inner World - PC

The Inner world is set in a unique and creative world and is a relatively nice looking point and click adventure game. The puzzles and character designs are pleasing and it does somewhat immerse you into the game, but overall I would say it's only a decent title at best. The only thing that really made this pop out to me is the aesthetic design and artwork put into the game which is fantastic. If it's something you are seriously considering picking up, I guess now is a good time seeing as how it's on sale. But don't have any unreasonable expectations.


A single character for $5

Alcatraz_Inmate | Oct. 1, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor Mrs Foster Pack - PC

Don't get me wrong, I love some of the characters in Killing Floor, in fact my most used is Mr. Foster or his steampunk variant of him. The fact that they now have his wife in the game is awesome, but it just isn't really worth $5. If you really wanted Mrs. Foster, you could have unlocked her steampunk variant for free during the sideshow summer event. By the unfortunate chance you may have missed it, I would suggest picking up this version of her character during a sale. Or if you happen to be a killing floor fanatic and love Mr. foster (who doesn't?), then perhaps you are willing to pay the full price for this character.


Steampunk look is great

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor Steampunk Character Pack 1 - PC

Tripwire really seems to like the steampunk look for their game and I have to say it is strangely suiting for some reason. the characters in this pack have their own unique and interesting aesthetic about them that people looking to find a good character might like. For a skin pack there really isn't much to say other than it looks cool. The price is good for offering several characters and I would say it's worth picking up just to have some more options to choose from aside from base game characters.


DJ Scully is awesome!

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor Outbreak Character Pack - PC

Whenever I play Killing Floor, my go to character is normally steampunk Mr. Foster, but when I get bored of that skin after a few games, I always switch to DJ Scully. He is an awesome looking character and a very cool addition to the game. While playing different characters only serve aesthetic purposes and don't affect game play, it is still pretty cool to have a character you take a liking to. Some of the other characters in this pack you won't even take a second glance at, but there are a couple that look cool. If you enjoy killing floor and like to switch u your look from the default skins from time to time I would recommend picking this up for DJ Scully if nothing else. Enjoy your zed killing!


Cool looking weapons, but looks don't mean much

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor Community Weapon Pack 2 - PC

To be perfectly honest, the pack only has one useful weapon. The musket. While yes everything looks cool and has that attractive, unique steampunk look to it, there really isn't anything special about any of these guns. They are out performed by nearly every gun in their category. The Orca bomb is less effective than the other grenade launchers, the multi-chamber zed thrower is almost useless, and the Dr.T's Lead delivery system is average at best. About as effective as a bullpup which you can find on the ground. The musket is the only gun that can effectively be used and it's more for the careful sharpshooters in the game rather than the hack and slash zerkers or run and gun commandos. Didn't fit my play style, but maybe if you have some spare money and play killing floor a lot you will enjoy this pack. To each their own I suppose.


Everything in here is useful

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor Community Weapon Pack - PC

I personally choose to play a zerker more often than not, and when I'm not playing a zerker I like burning things as a firebug. That being said, this pack is very useful for someone of my play style. The buzz saw crossbow is always in my go to loadout and it can destroy those zeds in a pinch. The flare revolvers are an awesome addition and are extremely useful in the lower waves not only as a firebug, but every other class as well. The weapons here are, in my opinion, better than the weapons in the base game and even if you prefer the base game weapons, these are fun little things to mess around with even if you don't find them particularly fitting to the way you play the game.


One of the better strategy games out there

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes (2) - PC

I'm going to start off by saying I have had some issues getting this game to work properly on my win 7 system, but it works fine on my vista one. Technical issues aside, this game is really fun. An RTS that certainly deserves all the praise it gets. In my opinion this game is better than the second installment, so if you were looking to try out either, this is the one you want to go for. For the time the game was made it still looks fantastic so if graphics concern you at all, it shouldn't be off putting. Grab this game whenever you have the opportunity!


Fun if you bring some friends along

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Overflow 1 - PC

So let me start off this review by saying I have played it solo as well as in co-op, and I have to say that co-op is immensely more entertaining. The game itself is an above average zombie shooter with some unique ideas and mechanics implemented here and there such as a sniping zombie that hops from one building to another or a heavy gunner zombie as well as the kamikaze zombie that explodes in proximity to you. These things are interesting twists that do somewhat set it apart from other zombie shooters but some of the mechanics are integrated poorly and that makes the game feel tedious at times. Like I said if you do choose to play this, make sure to bring a friend and it will result in a much more enjoyable experience.


This pack is one to grab

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of SEGA Action Pack - PC

Honestly Condemned Criminal Origins and Alien vs Predator alone is reason enough to justify buying this, but throwing in Alpha Protocal and Binary Domain is just the icing on the cake. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys some good action games. If you happen on the fence, let me reassure you that this is indeed worth the purchase. These games offer plenty and even if one isn't quite to your liking you will thoroughly enjoy one of the other great titles offered here. For the price of this pack you are truly grabbing an excellent deal and the time you spend with these games will feel worth it.


"Strip the flesh!"

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack DLC - PC

Ah nothing is quite as satisfying as going on a maniacal rampage slashing and hacking away enemies as a bloodthirsty psycho. Krieg brings something entirely new to the game as he is the first class based off the bandits you've been so accustomed to shooting in the face. He is a psycho among psychos and I love it. When you go on a rampage there are very few who pose any threat. Once you spec out his crazy trees you'll indeed see who a real "badass" is.


"I never asked for this"

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Pack - PC

Let me start off by saying Adam is a great character that is very well written in this game and the same goes with many of the characters portrayed in the Deus Ex universe. This is an RPG at its best. As you progress through the game you will quickly notice how many different ways you can take on certain situations. The developers really did an amazing job with giving the player the freedom to choose their own play style and make decisions. Every upgrade you obtain always makes you feel like you're improving a great deal. This game has something that appeals to everyone and I highly suggest picking it up.


Heisting at its finest

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Payday 2 is a multiplayer co-op focused experienced shooter that delivers with all its hype. This truly is heisting at its finest. Something that may be a let down to fans of the previous Payday title is that some of the characters are not the ones you played in the previous game. Hoxton is not the british hoxton from Payday the Heist, and Chains is different as well. If you can ignore minor things like that and focus on the gameplay, which is indeed very solid, you will get quite a bit of enjoyment out of this game. The game throws random events at you which offer tons of replayability to a heist you may THINK you know everything about. The pacing is just right and the action is intense. There is a new class system in place where you can upgrade your criminal as you see fit, If you want to be the bug gunner that holds back swat forces like a tank, invest in the enforcer tree, if you feel like being the guy who can get in and out of a job undetected, invest in the ghost tree. This is a fantastic game and it is worth EVERY penny. Get it and I'll be seeing you in crimenet.


A zombie shooter that enforces teamwork

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Tired of playing the same zombie shooters again and again... and again. Today the market is full of zombie shooters that are more or less the same in nature. But Killing Floor stands above those generic shooters as something new and refreshing. Killing Floor is a game that heavily emphasizes teamwork above all else. There are 6 classes to choose from each with their own unique talents and specialties. Not each class can handle certain zeds very well at all, this is where teamwork comes into play. Take for example the siren or husk, you don't want to be fighting these zeds as a zerker (a close ranged melee fighter class). You want a shrpshooter to deal with these guys. There are multiple types of enemies that are capable of different things that are difficult, if not impossible to take down as a lone gunner. You stick with your team and work together to make it through the rounds and fight the deadly patriarch. If you have some friends to play with and enjoy decapitating zombies with unique skills and guns, this is the game for you.


"Kain refused the sacrifice"

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Pack - PC

Wow does this bring back some memories. This was a saga that solidified my interest in gaming from a young age. These were so fun to play, especially the Soul Reaver games. The saga is filled with some classic fun that is still seen in games in the current market. New gamers, don't worry, do not be put off by it's age as it is well worth a pick up. My only gripe with this pack is that it doesn't include the blood omen games that were also a part of the LoK saga, but no worries, you won't need to play those to understand the story in these 3 games. The soundtrack for each game is wonderful and captivating. If you have some money laying around DO NOT pass this up. You won't regret it.


Decently entertaining puzzle game... for a while

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of QUBE pack - PC

Ok so let me start off the review by saying the time I spent with this game very much gave a "portal" feel of gameplay, which is good. However in my opinion, it is only entertaining for a short while. The puzzles are decently challenging and require a good amount of thought later on, but nothing that will make you pull your hair out of frustration. It's well paced and has some interesting "qube" mechanics. One thing to note is that there is virtually no story here and if there is, it is very minuscule and lacks engagement, but if you don't mind that, this is a title definitely worth looking into at some point if you're into puzzle games.The time trials give a bit of replayability, but for the most part a run through or two will be good enough.


Borderlands- The World of Pandora

Alcatraz_Inmate | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands - PC

I don't write many reviews, but this is definitely a title that deserves one. This game has to be one of the better shooters out on the market today. The world of Pandora is at your disposal as you shoot and loot your way through TONS of enemies. Four playable characters offer various tactics and play styles to be utilized against all variations of enemies. Feel like picking off targets with a sniper rifle and supporting your fellow vault hunters? Pick up Mordecai and invest in the sniper tree. Feel like flanking enemies and setting them ablaze? Give Lilith a go and see how useful she can be with a powerful Maliwan SMG. Every NPC you meet in your journey to find the Vault feels well developed and has a distinct personality to call their own. Even the bandit lords you encounter have something radically different about them that set them apart from their minions (aside from the obvious boosted power/weapons they carry). The game rewards exploration with fun little easter eggs that give you good chuckle and just maybe you can find some legendary weapons while exploring as well. The skill trees you invest in, regardless of character, ALWAYS change your character for the better, you will never feel like there is a worthless skill in any of your tress.This game also has high replayability. Once you have beat the game you unlock the option to do Playthrough 2. Playthrough 2 offers more challenging enemies and more "badass" variants of those enemies, but due to its increased difficulty, you are rewarded with better loot. Keep in mind before purchase, that this game is a co-op shooter at heart, with a single player option. This is definitely a game you want to have a friend play alongside you, otherwise you're not getting the full experience borderlands has to offer. Not to say it isn't enjoyable solo, but you will have a much richer experience if you bring a friend along for the ride. Not to mention if they happen to get a little overconfident, you can duel them and show them who's the big dog in the borderlands. All in all I think this game is a must own to anyone, even if you're not big on the shooter genre, This game has something for everyone to enjoy.