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Refreshing FPS Experience (Better with recent patch)

Alco4real | July 29, 2014 | Review of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare NA - PC

Note: a recent patch has allowed microphone muting, new game modes, and enhanced group playing features. PvZ Garden Warfare has a good mix of casual game play elements and challenges. While both the Plants and the Zombies have classes more suited for less skilled players, the availability of class variations allows you to play each class in a slightly different way and with a higher skill ceiling. For example, the Pea Shooter has a large splash radius on his ranged attacks. You can play as the Toxic Pea instead to trade a smaller splash radius for a damage over time effect on your attacks. These class variations are unlocked by collecting all the components (stickers) that you gain from card packs. You can spend small amounts of in-game coins for smaller amounts of common stickers, or you can save up for a bit to guarantee a new character unlock. Although these unlocks are random and therefore could be a class you rarely play, you gain coins at a fast enough rate to feel rewarded at the end of a play session (not like you are tirelessly grinding for coins) . The game is mostly balanced, although many players tend to lean towards playing the Soldier/Peashooter which can lead to somewhat stale matches. If you play a variety of game modes however, you will see more class variation. If you are a fan of the Plants vs Zombies franchise and/or a fan of FPS games, you really should pick this game up.