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Amazing Noire

Alixey | Dec. 23, 2011 | Review of LA Noire - PC

I like games which are interactive novels or movies. L.A. Noire neatly meets this criteria and brilliantly recreates a colourful period of L.A.'s history. I have never seen a game populated by believable characters who inspire compassion in the player. Nor have I seen real faces with real emotions, from the slight twitch of nervousness to red-faced, bulging eyes of fear. I didn't buy this game for its challenges or replayability. I want to be immersed in a world and interact with the environment. I want a riveting story that rings true. L.A. Noire delivers this and then some. I loved every second of this hard-boiled slice of life. In later years this game will definitely be looked back on as one of the most ground-breaking games of all time. It is the first game that I felt emotionally involved. And it was a riveting experience.


Football manager just got better.

Alixey | Nov. 6, 2011 | Review of Football Manager 2012 - PC

As excellent as ever. Not much needs saying, its Football Manager!! The new match engine is MUCH better. Accurate and update players. Perfect! Will pass those winter nights quickly!


This is THE Sonic game.

Alixey | Nov. 6, 2011 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Seriously, best sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 for me. I've played Sonic games my whole life, and after their new direction with the secret rings, and shadow the hedgehog's own game, I sadly had to stop wasting money on sonic teams garbage. But I'm happy to say this game rocks! And this version on steam is so much cheaper. Currently you can purchase this game for $30, which is quite a bargain for so much fun. I'd also like to chime in that the modern sonic portions are strangely more fun than I would have thought. The boost mechanic really takes some skill in order to master. If you don't believe me, just youtube modern sonic green hill speed run. Oh, and screw Joystiq


Awesome game.

Alixey | Nov. 6, 2011 | Review of Bastion - PC

A seemingly traditional foundation hides an adorable game with both heart and brains. From start to finish I found my self smashing through scumbags and the like with a joy I haven't experienced in games in a long time. The game-play is both solid and intuitive, but the meat of the experience lies in its presentation: the rebuilding world and its witty and grim narrator. This is what makes this game so hard to put down. The story is presented and played out in such a beautiful and fun way that I can't recall any other game this year - Tactics Ogre aside - that it this well. It may not be my GOTY (Tactics Ogre will probably snatch that one), but it very well could be.


Edmund McMillen never fails.

Alixey | Nov. 6, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Simply put, the best true platforming game to come out in YEARS. As you can immediately notice, the user scores are quite polarized, and I believe this is true to the nature of the game. If you find joy in surmounting difficult (But FAIR) platforming challenges, this game is the PERFECT game for you. Let me also state that the 10 I assigned this game was not some knee-jerk reaction to a merely clever indie game. This game is fantastic by ANY standard, it is perfectly executed. There is nothing in the game where I have ever said, man, I wish X existed. In a time where games like Fallout New Vegas and Civ 5 release with the swath of glitches and bugs in the game, it is refreshing to have a game ship out that is immensely bug free, it is absolutely precise. You may even grow to treat this precision as a foe, as there is a razor thin edge between success and death in each level, there is no "give", if you touch a deadly obstacle with any part of your hit-box, you can count on dying. However, this consistency gives rise to the games greatest achievement, the overall fairness of the game. I am astounded that I read other user reviews that actually complained about the controls, they are absolutely astounding. To be fair, I do use a Xbox360 controller, I could see that without one it may take longer to "pick up" but the controls are nevertheless, precise. The character becomes an extension of your will, you'll find sometimes that when an unexpected hazard appears, you react quickly and ably within fractions of a second, as if you were acting out of instinct. I am also disturbed to read some people claiming that this game's difficulty is just a mechanism to lengthen the game. I find it hard to believe we even played the same game. The levels are difficult to be sure, but they are absolutely fair, if you die, it is your fault, there are no invisible traps, your character will not move if you don't tell him to. And even if you die, the levels each can be completed in under a minute, so if you do die (and you will die, often) almost no progress is lost. You will not be spending 5 minutes just to get a chance to practice the spot you died at last time. The other reason I find this explanation difficult to believe is that there are over 300 levels. The game is already massive, it wouldn't need to be lengthened by unnecessary difficulty. In short: A difficult platformer, but an absolute masterpiece if you are willing to take up the challenge.


Nice game

Alixey | Oct. 9, 2011 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

Awesome game, can be a little tough when you first start, especially if you are used to a more "run 'n' gun" style of first-person shooters, but once you learn to slow down a little, and not rush into buildings etc. like a loony you will start raking in the kills. Killing is so very satisfying too, especially with a bolt-action rifle from 200m+, it gives me a little semi on. If you liked games like the first Red Orchestra, ArmA series, or even games like Bad Company/CoD (hardcore mode), then you should love this game. If you can actually aim, you should love this game. If you are super cool (like me), you should also love this game. I am not really into the whole WW2 thing, I prefer modern or futuristic weapons in games, but gee whizz this game is so much fun, sometimes I can even feel my heart beating and it makes me feel like a normal boy, along with my semi on.


Fantastic Sequel

Alixey | Oct. 9, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

I reserved this game for the simple fact i thought it looked exciting and interesting. I'm the kinda guy who only buys games to sit on multiplayer with friends so this was a big risk for me. The only big single player games i had played were Bioshock 1 and 2 and Farcry2. This game is by far one of the most exciting games ive played. It surrounds 3 major ways to play which entices all style of player and allows you to play stealthy or head on. If your looking for a good plot, graphic action scenes, and a game that leaves you in awe even after you've done what would seem repetitive in most games then this is a game for you. Ive never found the story mode of a game interesting but im 2 hrs in and if I didnt have school I'd sit on it all night it just always has more to throw your way


Highly Reccomended

Alixey | Oct. 9, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

After they made the first few patches and fixed the accidental release of the in-house dev version all in all its not too bad. The Player Characters themselves have Wonky and Strange Animations, but the Zombies are well animated. The graphics are good, The choice of weapons is decent. Little disappointed at the fact that there were so few guns. I love the idea of limited ammo and shots count but there's very few choices in guns. It has a few glitches mostly graphical, it is annoying though that all the dialogue in the game is centered around Co-op along with the Cinematics. If your playing solo it can be somewhat annoying and confusing seeing the other characters even though they arent with you. I did enjoy the game though. Story was pretty lame and quests were down right appalling as if they were written by 9 year olds. One such quest, "Were starving here! We need more food, Go to the gas stations and pick us up two boxes of Juice!" .... Um.... Ok..... Relevancy 0 Strange 1. Anyways if you can overlook the strange quest flaws its a good game to play-thru and then maybe shelve or sell.


Highly Approved

Alixey | June 9, 2011 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

Beat Hazard is a simple game, You strenght enemies and bosses come and go with you own music. And this simplicity is what makes the game so great. The visuals aren'r so good, on first look that is. But when you play the game, especially on higher difficulties, you'll see the great light effects the game gives when you shoot more and more of the spaceships. (And if you just want the light effects without shooting, they also made a great visualiser in game). So if you want a game on wich you can shoot spaceships on you own music, with great light effects. Then this is your game.