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Worth a try for anyone who enjoys a strategy game

Alpha7 | Sept. 2, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

Having played the original X-Com games I was very excited to hear there were going to be coming out with a new game re-envisioning X-Com. Even with out having played the old X-Com games I would be instantly drawn into this new one and wanting more. The management of the base, structures, soldiers, research and manufacturing in the geoscape lets you play a huge management roll with out getting into too much micromanagement like the old ones did. The battlescape gives you that release and the opportunity to take the fight to the enemy and finally enjoy (hopefully) killing them. The biggest drawbacks of the games are the constant bugs most of which they have fixed but not all yet almost a year later. The panic system in the game is horrible and takes a lot a way from it. Luckily their are mods that remove the absolutely ridiculous panic system and make it a little more realistic and manageable on the harder difficulties. Overall worth a try especially if you catch it on sale... and if you are not willing to fork over all that cash the original is usually only a couple $ and worth a play if you can get past the horrible graphics.