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A solid performance

AlucardGP | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of FIFA 14 - PC

This is a very important year for FIFA, due to its transition to next-gen consoles. The PC is a port of the current gen versions, which is a bit disappointing, but predictable nonetheless. The most notable improvement this year is the introduction of proper physics to the players’ movement. Inertia is now taken into account, which means players cannot turn on a dime, as they have always done in EA’s series. Moreover, the “Step-based locomotion” system means that feet connect with the ball in a more realistic manner, so now players need to take into account a lot of different factors for a shot to be effective. Shots are also depicted more realistically, seeing as ball physics have also been revamped, allowing for more variety in the ball trajectory. There were some problems during launch with increased effectiveness for headers and finesse shots, that have since been resolved with patches. The dated graphics and still awkward running animations haven’t and won’t be improved until –I hope- next year, but the whole package is still as enjoyable as ever, especially considering the trademark richness of features, headlined by the ever addictive Ultimate Team.