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Average fun

Amadyeus | April 20, 2013 | Review of Risen Steam - PC

While you can't count on a very memorable voice acting cast nor story in Risen, what you can however count on is a rich and large world too discover with a lot of side quests and interesting creatures roaming it. The combat can also be quite awkward and you often find that even the most insignificant wild animal can be a brutal fight in some cases, especially the early stages, so if you are very much into the mechanic aspect of a game then this would not be a keeper. If you do however enjoy a lot of exploring then this game should definitely satisfy you for a one time playthrough, there are also some reasons to replay the game (different factions to choose from) which might seem like a appealing choice for a fan of the game, but I never really found myself to be interested enough to actually boot up the game again once I had finished it.