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Enyojed every moment of the game

AmazingHulk | Feb. 1, 2013 | Review of Mafia II - PC

I have to say that i am huge fan of this game. So my review will probably not be very objective. First sequel was fantastic. I played it while i was still a kid. When i got my hands on Mafia II.........was like a child again. The story and film sequences are great. Loved the story,but the ending was little bit sad. Ok,i musnt spoiled game for the people which didnt play (what are you waiting). Gameplay is very fluid. Shooting,roaming the city, pretty good. The size of the city is ok.Not huge not small. But there is not much to do. For me,missions were interesting,loved to upgrade all kinds of cars and just go crazy on the road. Dont know what more to say so i will just reccomend that you play it.