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Good game, Co-op oriented

An1Lusion | Sept. 16, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Dead Island is a co-op oriented Survival Horror Melee-based FPS game. The game can be played alone, but when playing together with friends is when the game really shines. The game is similar to Borderlands, except with Zombies instead of Physchos. The inventory management is similar to Borderlands as well. One complaint I've got though is that equipment seems to break far to quickly. In the early game, you have to replace your weapon every few kills. It's not a huge issue since there are plenty of weapons around, but it's a bit annoying. The game has quite a few issues on PC, and it lacks a lot of options that should be standard for PC games. The worst thing is probably that there is no way to turn of in-game voice chat, so if you're planning to play with your friends using skype, you can forget about it. The in-game voice quality isn't great either. Fortunately, modders have fixed most of the issues that people were having, but it's still mind blowing that the most basic options are nowhere to be found in the menus. Even with all these issues, the game is still very enjoyable. If you're planning to play alone, you might want to look elsewhere for entertainment. But if you and 3 friends are getting this, then enjoy, you will have a lot of fun.