Reviews by Andreasqiao


Best FIFA title to the date !

Andreasqiao | Sept. 27, 2015 | Review of FIFA 16 - PC

Straight to the point, what is the biggest difference between this and previous FIFA titles ? One word, REALISM. Expect slow-played football, thinking and relying on tactic to pass and play the ball. FIFA 16 is the most realistic FIFA title to the date and even surpassing the realism factor of Pro Evolution Soccer. Conclusion : Are you a hardcore FIFA player and mature enough to understand how real football being played every weekend ? Buy FIFA 16.


A Worthy Title for Fallout Franchise

Andreasqiao | July 23, 2015 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Bethesda - PC

Fallout: NV is mostly similar to Fallout 3 and that is both good and bad. The good : - worthy of Fallout franchise - all the features in NV are still here - huge number of quests - terrific atmosphere - decent storyline - not a hardware demanding game The bad : - the graphics similar with original Fallout 3, no improvement at all - stuttering especially in outdoor You might feel abit like dejavu when playing NV but it is still a good experience. If you like Fallout 3 then most likely you will like this game also.


One of the best FPS title of 2012

Andreasqiao | April 19, 2015 | Review of Dishonored Bethesda - PC

This game is great by many aspect. - The graphics is detailed but the art style of it that take the 19th century Europe, industrial age that really stand out. - The gameplay is in my opinion the best aspect of the whole game, much like Bioshock series. Both title are very "original" meaning doesn't just copy paste from other title, but instead have their own original idea you rarely see nowadays with FPS title tend to "follow" COD or battlefield. - The story is the second best aspect of this game, providing above average storyline you ever encounter in any fps title. Conspiracy, vengeance and the dark secret that wait for you to be revealed. Conclusion, as one of the great and "rare" FPS title, this game really stand out and unique (in good way of course) among other FPS title and surely worth the money whether it is on discount or not.


A perfect game that comes only once per 5 years

Andreasqiao | Dec. 9, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bethesda - PC

This is one of the best game I ever played in whole my gaming time, if not the very best itself ! All aspect of this game ranging from graphics, sound, gameplay and storyline, all are AMAZING. You can be what you want, in fact, you create yourself, you live by your rule and you can do anything that you want. The possibility is boundless. The title that I write isn't exaggerating, it is really a rare game that can achieve all most important gaming aspect (gameplay, graphics, sound) very close to perfection. Prepare your life, make sure you know what you will do because once you enter the world of Skyrim, you will NEVER leave it for a very long time!


One of the best game in history of game

Andreasqiao | March 4, 2014 | Review of Company of Heroes (2) - PC

Epic! That is the perfect word for this game. The graphics is truly next-gen at launch time (which at 2006) and yet still not too outdated until now (2014). The Gameplay itself is very addictive, it feels original and something new than the other similar strategy game out there whether it is WWII based or not. It's like the hybrid of action and strategy hybrid with balanced portion each. The graphics : Yep, this game is almost 8 years old by the time I write this review but it is not too outdated and still a pleasant view to see. The other advantages is you can max out all the graphics setting and still have 60+ with your modern hardware. The sound : Dramatic. It will really drag you to WWII period battlefield, the sound and voice of soldiers is amazing. Conclusion : Buy this game , it is a must have !! I truly recommend you all to buy this game whether it is on sale or not. You will NOT disappointed because this game is really worth your money.


The best and most realistic game of Age of Enlightenment

Andreasqiao | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Empire Total War - PC

The first game in total war series that used Warscape Engine 4 years ago and still looks beautiful until now. It also depart from previous series which based on mainly melee combat , replaced with gunpowder , cannon and warship ! Gameplay : Very realistic ! CA took attention to detail thoroughly from time needed to load the bullet in musket to battle formation in that era. Naval battle takes important factor now with new option and tactic. But above all, the new gameplay type that involving more shooting than hand to hand combat is the best gameplay feature in ETW. Graphics : Absolutely beautiful and yet quite scalable (though SSAO is very demanding will sap away your frame rate immensely). Campaign map is also beautiful.The naval warfare is a gorgeous scene ! The sea is detailly rendered. Sound : The songs here is not spectacular compared with previous title but it is surely enough to bring 18th century culture and music (too bad that CA didn't add Vivaldi's Four Season !) Overall : With huge amount of Kingdoms mixed with new feature and strategy for both campaign map and battle map, this game is one of the best game in 2009 and still worth to play until now. The best total war title yet in 2009 when it was released 4 years ago.