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More of something awesome

Andstani | May 20, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Season Pass - PC

Currently there are 3 of 4 DLCs from this season pass out and I still cannot believe how good this is value for money. Not only did this save me money but I got it on sale for cheaper than I had planned! If you love Borderlands 2 I would say this is a must buy, it has everything the original game has, humor, fun, good story and GUNS. Each DLC shines if different places for example I found Captain Scarlet a lot more funny than the others and found Hammerlocks Hunt the most fun for a challenge and of course Torgues Campaign makes you feel total badass. Like I said if you like BL2 buy this now ! Its amazing. Plus I hear another one is planned so probably buy that as well :)


A unique experience

Andstani | May 20, 2013 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

I bought this game while it was on sale and I can't say I regret it. Sure it would be wrong to call it a game in my opinion its something entirely different. You are basically walking across this island filled with amazing visuals listening to a very interesting story. You have no control but its OK. The story is quite strong but its quite short and like I said it doesn't really have game play. I would and wouldn't recommend this depending on the person. If they like to just chill for a few hours and just enjoy a short story then go ahead, otherwise I would not recommend this to any of my more than casual friends.


A near perfect game.

Andstani | May 16, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

I've never played Far Cry 1 or 2 but from what I heard I couldn't go wrong buying this game. I have to admit this is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. From the start its exciting and from the start you meet one of if not the greatest bad guys I have ever seen. Vaas. This man single handedly makes this game one of the best games I've played this year. His script is spectacular and extremely interesting from an outsiders point of view on this island. The game play is spectacular, there are plenty of guns, upgrades and if your into it paint styles for them. I found myself using the Bow for 90% of the game not including the challenges where you have to use new weapons, which are great as well. Don't get me wrong the Bow isn't the best weapon there are many weapons that are just as good but that is whats good about this game, there is so many types of ways to play it, from running into outposts all guns blazing with your MG to using your silenced sniper to pick off the guards that are out of vision so that nobody finds the body. From Using flare guns to pull the most of the camps away while you combo a back stab into using the enemy knife to throw at another guard. The Tatau system which is basically your talent points are great, you can earn all of them and some are of course more fun than others for example I found myself loving the grenade take down which let you stab a guard, pull the pin on their grenade and kick them into more guards. The amazing thing is this is still great for stealth game play as you can use it to scare / distract enemies. My main problem with the game is also the Tatau. It's a main part of the story which in all honestly doesn't need to be there and this is where the game doesn't do too great. The story feels very forced in some parts just to have a reason for talent points. Apart from the story which I understand a lot of people would want to be strong if they wanted to play this. I can honestly say buy it anyway, there is so much to do like collecting lost letters from the war, finding hidden relics and taking enemy outposts. Even just diving off mountains to wing suit around is fun. Honestly there isn't anything to do after you collect all that but it's worth the money while on sale for a few hours of great game play and visual amazement.


A Masterpiece Game.

Andstani | April 25, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Post - PC

Bioshock Inifinite has been known for a few years now and ever since it was revealed anybody who played the original Bioshock should have known that this game was destined to be a monumental success. In the original Bioshock you where plunged into the depths of a fallen utopia, dark and sinister. With Infinite you are launched to new heights of gaming. Infinite follows Bioshocks foot steps in greatness and then ascends it. From the first few lines of dialogue you are drawn into an amazing story, given only the tiny amount of knowledge of what you are doing from the famous line "bring us the girl, wipe away the debt" and the game never once lets you forget these words as the story simply gets richer and richer. This game hits the perfect spot of reality that after not too long you kind of forget that you are in a flying city because it is just so real. You can easily believe that Columbia could be a real place. The city itself is filled with so many different aspects that make it real, it suits the time period its set in. The combat on this game admittedly isn't 10/10 but it defiantly gains in variety as you progress though the game acquiring more weapons and vigors to add to your arsenal. The enemies that you encounter make for some interesting interactions with the area you fight in especially once Elizabeth comes into the game. Elizabeth is by far my favorite companion in any game and that isn't something I can easily say after playing the Mass Effect games right through multiple times. At times I felt like I was the escort mission. If she leaves you for a mere few minutes you will notice a great different ranging from her throwing you supplies to her pointing out areas to go look for loot. The reason I don't give a game like this a 100% score is due to some issues but are so minor in comparison to how amazing everything else is. For example in the original Bioshock you could see your weapon physically change when you upgrade its magazine size for example but there is no such thing in Infinite. You don't really get any warning on one of the biggest/hardest fights on the game resulting in multiple deaths if you don't have ammo / salts ready although who wants to know when something big is going to happen? And why isn't everyone else using Vigors? I went under the assumption that they are relatively difficult to get your hands on due to their power which I was happy with. This game is a pure Masterpiece and should be written into the books of Gaming History along with the Original Bioshock. I could not agree more with the statement. "It was not impossible to build it in the sky, it was impossible to build it anywhere else."