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Great fun, though not for everyone.

Angorath | July 4, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third The Full Package - PC

An open-world GTA style game. But less serious. As GTA became more serious over the years, Saints row became less serious. It's all about driving around Steelport, doing missions and activities (that include: rolling a giant ball of twine and panda skydiving). This package comes with all the DLC for Saints Row the Third. Most are cosmetic but there are 3 DLC's that add quite a bit of content. This game should take a while to complete. Be it solo or with a buddy, as you can do all the content in the game with another person. There are quite a few things to collect and stuff to do in the city. And even if you complete and found everything, you can still cause quite a mayhem in Steelport!


Back on the PC!

Angorath | July 4, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

You can now play the good ol' Final Fantasy 7 on the PC without needing the 3dfx card that made the game look and run awesome back in the days. It has been reworked so that it works on modern day machines. And it's just as good as in the day. It even adds achievements to the game that you can go after. Even though this is the steam version, it does still require a Square-Enix account which handles the cloud saving. Which may not work all the time. Just wait for the server to sync up and you should be able to save again.