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Good sequel

Anotos | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of AIM 2 - PC

After finishing original A.I.M. I decided to pick up A.I.M. 2 and it was worth it.Game kept the charm of its predecessor and added some new features:On graphic department I didn't notice any upgrades but still I liked it because of its gameplay.You can play as a trader buying stuff low at one:and selling them high at other or fly around as mad gunman and kill everyone in your sight.Zones are well designed like in first one spreading from rocky desert like areas to swamps.Combat itself isn't bad you can switch between first and third person view and if you run in pack of angry guys from other clan you are going to have a bad time.I recommend playing in third person view because it makes Easter to survey your soroundings.As a conclusion if you liked original one you will like this game.Its worthy successor.