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A Fun, yet quirky Final Fantasy.

Antamania | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VIII - PC

In this reporter's opinion, not nearly as good as FF10, FF7, or FF9 (I blame this game for the general disregard of FF9) it's still a well made JRPG. There aren't enough of these on steam, so I'd advocate for this until better ones pop up. If you haven't played it before, it's a decent quality game. It would have been a good game on it's own without the expectations of quality that come from a Final Fantasy title (older one anyway.) There are a few gripes with this game that are pretty massive, this version does a decent job at addressing them hence the recommendation. A) The Draw system is probably the most stupid thing to ever exist, you need to draw spells from the ground (benches and other dumb things) and from monsters to use spells. The spells themselves are pretty limited, there aren't a whole lot of spells which is what I look for in any RPG. That said, in this version you can actually cheat and give yourself the spells so you can disregard this terrible system. B) The length of time to use a summon. You apparently are still unable to skip the graphics and they take an asinine amount of time to go off. Those are the two main gripes with the game. Those two gripes aren't enough to not play the game, they are just nuisances. I'd recommend picking it up for the fact that it's still a quality RPG all the downsides considered.