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Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Madden 25 - Xbox 360

The 25th of the series is the best yet, the new game engine they built Madden onto this year is amazing the, Graphics & environment are the first major change I noticed with the field getting messy and worn out down from the 20 yard line to goal which was a nice feature to show where the high traffic area's of the pitch. The physic's on the hits and the movement's look so much better now as-well can't wait to play this on the xbox one because it's "suppose" to be even better with the game's A.I supposedly even better! And yes the RAIDERS 2014 Super Bowl Winners BABY!!


I love MyTeam!!!

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13 - PlayStation 3

The feature of MyTeam is amazing, and the main reason I bought this game on the console, You work you way to hopefully the top of Division One while facing other player's along the way in multiplayer, Your team is built from player you are either awarded to promotion or ones you unlock from opening packs with the coins you earn in game, You get to make your team from the current players of the 2013 season and some of the top 100 players of all time included the Greatest of all time, Michael Jordan!!


Buy it just for the Bowling & Table Tennis

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Kinect Sports - Xbox 360

Honestly with a bunch of less than sober friends, this game is great for the bowling & table tennis, you can play most the game's locally with 2 players. But as a big guy anything that required me to run on the spot or move around much made the tv and so the kinect move so much it wasn't able to track me, also the single player aspects of the game are a little linear with the only real change you can make is the skill level.


A great franchise!

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2012 (1) - PC DVD

Really a great game with new additions to the 3D match engine and Stadium you find your self playing in compared to 2011 and a absolute over-hale of the transfer systems. Let's face it you play Football manager game's to take your favourite team's to league and cup glory, in a manor from being ultra realistic to signing Messi & Ronaldo at Torquay United, It has re playability like it's predecessor's because of how team's change over time with players moving on or retiring from the game.


I'm a English man in New York..

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of New York Bus The Simulation - PC

and the street's are empty, seriously empty, I haven't been to New York but I have seen picture's and the place is busy, and I have always believed that if your going to make a game about something you should at-least make it how it's suppose to look. The driving aspects of the game aren't terrible it's responsive to a degree the passengers seem to have different characteristics, just the roads are empty you can look away from the screen often and nothing will happen, well maybe you'll miss a turn if you take too long.


More than a "cow-clicker"

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Farm for your Life - PC

My wife bought me this and a whole load of simulation game's for my Birthday and I have to say it may look like a Facebook cow-clicker of a game but it's very addictive & time consuming. I would buy this if you want something innocent for a young child to play, that isn't aloud on Facebook.



Anthony_KoA | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360

I don't want to seem like I am just jumping on to the bandwagon of hype that comes with the fifth instalment of Grand Theft Auto, but this game is Amazing! The shear scale of the world I now get to use as my playground is massive I have been playing the title for 4 hours now just exploring the city's down town area's and I haven't been able to do that for a long time in a game, Skyrim comes to mind when you were last able to truly explore a game's environment and get lost, caught up in the on goings of the environment. much like a Ant-Farm the world work's on it's own, it doesn't need you to make cops chase down speeding car's or gang member's to start shooting other ngang member's as the civilians run in terror, The game does that & a million other things so the player can just have fun.


Doesn't meet expectations!

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 15, 2013 | Review of Star Wars The Force Unleashed II - Xbox 360

I didn't just play the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I destroyed it on the Xbox 360 Achievement's, Done, Played through on all difficulty levels Done, Finished on the hardest difficulty with out using upgrade points simple as Starkiller I was the killer of man both good and evil, But this wasn't the same game, this was a squeal of a game with a far bigger shadow. If you love Star Wars play it, IF you see it in a sale play it, But if your looking for the same feelings you got from it's predecessor, it just might not live up-to it.


The best, became bigger!

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King - PC DVD

Wrath of the Lich King brought with it a ever expanding world to World of Warcraft, New area's (Northrend) with points of interest and quest's became more in abundance with multiple quest's at each new reachable location. With the Lich King Arthas sending out his armies to destroy Azeroth, Alliance players with given a lot more content with this expansion. But for all players with a character already past level 55 they are Granted a Death Knight a playable servant of King Arthas that starts from level 55.


A unneeded Playable progression

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria - PC

While I love the Brewmaster skill line which the Pandaren's monk class brought as-well as the uncreased level cap, I truly believe this is a path in the wrong direction for playable races in World of Warcraft, I honestly feel this DLC was made on the back of the popularity of "Kung Fu Panda" and it's sequel/s. Luckily they didn't write the whole story of the expansion from those films, their input is rich in depth as-well as a class (Monk) that is effective in PVE PVP the Brewmaster can rival Rogues in both cases, But with the Pandaren's neither aliened with alliance or horde, they never truly feel like they belong. You will also need all previous DLC to WoW to play this expansion.


The Story continues...

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of World of Warcraft Cataclysm - PC DVD

Cataclysm was my first taste of World of Warcraft, well seasoned vet's were up in arms over their beloved classes facing major changes and I was merely awestruck at the size of this now enlarged game while grasping the amount of lore that was to accompany my new video game journey. It's not all roses and sunshine at first, If your new to World of Warcraft you will need the previous DLC & Base game to play Cataclysm, and these day's it's Cata' that's required to play Mists of Pandaria.


An Epic Journy

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of World of Warcraft Battlechest - PC DVD

When you start playing WoW or World of Warcraft using it's full title you are not simply starting any old game RPG, It is in every sense a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, with 9 years of updates & story driven content added there is more for anyone to see in the normal 50 hour title, here you become entwined in a truly epic battle of Good Versus Evil!


This is FIFA 12.5, Avoid and try FIFA 14

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of FIFA 13 - PC

Because I have a computer that can run anything on the planet I decided to get rid of my 360 before it's value decided because of the XBONE, So this led me to start buy titles such as FIFA 13 on the PC and don't get me wrong September to December it was great, a moderately bearable auction market for the worlds top player's and a reasonable connection time to play someone in Ultimate team. I only ever play the Ultimate Team part of FIFA since it was added into the game and this iteration brought some big changed notably how you play versus someone, gone is open versus mode where you could match yourself against a even or much weaker side depending on how many goals you wanted to score and avoid those pack built teams before your ready, Now everything is based on leagues, you cue and you play who ever your given, but now because every game matters those laid back one versus one game's now mean life and or league death based on the outcome of a game you didn't necessarily want to bring your A game to (you know what I mean?) If your reading this the time to buy FIFA 13 on the PC has been passed, you can wait upwards of 20 minutes to find a match depending on what time your willing/wanting to play and the market is now black market prices, you want a formation card that should be worth 1000 coins well now it's 15,000 coins and you won't find it cheaper because Mr. 15,000 bought up all the other versions of the card and price locked it. It was an improvement over 12 the attacker's A.I against defenders was much improved, but the underlying need for speed in your team can ruin your dream team, as a United fan I would love to play the likes of Vidic and Ferdinand but against mere English Championship quality player's if that pace is over 80, your going to be wondering where the hole's were, and that's a problem that will worsen.