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An Old Brilliant Classic

Apparition | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of Dungeon Siege - PC

When this game was first released it was during a time of innovation and classic story telling, mixed with hack'n'slash. One of the greatest accomplishments of this game was the shear vastness of it. The Music itself is encompassing and pulls you into each scene. I still have yet to play a game where the music draws you into the world like Dungeon Siege is able to. You are free to build your character any way you see fit. It is easier to build a character based on the classic setups but with determination you can create a God character that is gifted in all skills. If you are looking for a old time hack'n'slash filled with wonder and amazement this is your game. Sadly... the even bigger component of this game was the multiplayer. The original game included a Massive continent complete with its own mystery and goals that you could explore with friends. The imagination of the developers was everywhere here, including a dungeon in a dark pit where you could not see but a mere footstep in front of you, devious devils making battles challenging, and gear to satisfy the best dungeon explorer. The other great thing about this game were/are the mods. A huge community created some brilliant master pieces for us to enjoy. I don't know if they work with this single player version, worth a look!