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A story that pulls you in.

Aralt | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

The Wold among Us is the latest game from telltale games, makers of the game of the year, the walking dead. The game follows the same art style and while its not going to win any best graphics awards, its still does enough to pull you in and see the details. The game is set in Fabletown and has characters from fairy tales in a current day setting (like Once Open a time, only darker) and they do remember who they are. You play as Bigby Wolf, who is the Big bad wolf turned sheriff, as such you are going to do detective work and beat people up. but the real fun comes in the story telling and the chooses you make. Just like with the Walking dead, something you do may result in someone dying or a bad guy getting away. The game puts you in the setting quick and my only problem with the first episode is how quick things got out of hand. Other than that I look forward to playing the rest of the episodes.