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Having fun "Just Cause"

Arecheese | April 29, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

I jumped onto the bandwagon quite late since just cause 3 is rumoured to be released this year but for those still pondering on whether to pick this up, just do it! I've never played the first just cause but I did not find this essential to enjoy the sequel as i did not encounter much reference to the original. The game revolves around the main character (rico rodriquez), typical latin macho man (imagine a modern gun toting zorro) flown in to this cluster of islands as a US secret agent investigating the murder of the president by his own son. On arrival your task is to infiltrate the three gangs on the islands by creating as much havoc as you can and this includes literally blowing up everything as you wade your way through beautiful island scenery with explosions in the background (cool guys dont look at explosions). The islands are HUGE and you are able to explore each and every nook and cranny on almost every vehicle you can think off. This game truly is the style of game where they throw you into the world and you can do whatever you want and the game actually rewards you for doing it! blowing up the government facilities gets you money and discovering new areas also brings reward. The arsenal of guns in this game is a good variation from revolvers to submachine guns all the way to rocket launchers. It's a shame no melee weapons were available and the only melee option you have is by whiplashing the wire of your grappling hook onto your enemies. Oh and the grappling hook; best item in the game! and it's awesome how the game gives you this at the very beginning. It takes a bit to get used to it but once you're accustomed; you'll be hanging enemies on ceilings and whipping them like pinatas (and yes you're rewarded for that too!) All in all the game is like what grand theft auto used to be before it became serious but times 10! Crazier, more fun, and LOTS to do. I finished the campaign for this game at around 17 hours with only 30% completion! Once you finish the game, it allows you to enter mercenary mode where you can finish off wrecking the government facilities and finishing the side missions. A definite must buy!