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Great game! Falls short but gets back up a winner.

Arkveveen | July 3, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 NA - PC

Ah yes, the Dead Space series, now that's a game franchise that makes us think of suspense, horror, and grotesque monstrosities hiding in the dark! Dead Space 3 is a good sequel that hits the nail on the head, albeit a near miss. Even if it rehashes the same gameplay of the previous titles, it remedies this with a highly addictive resource scavenging and weapon crafting system. I can't tell you how big of a grin I got when I combined a SMG WITH a Plasma Cutter, which is the kind of weapons you can expect from Dead Space 3. Also, the little scavenging robots you use to search for these resources are adorable and fun to deploy! As for everything else, Dead Space 3 has some interesting moments. You can actually choose to do optional objectives or explore optional locations, which adds a bit of open ended flavor to a rather fun game already. Enemy variety is solid, but it just feels like the same baddies Dead Space fans have faced before, and the game seems to love throwing health items and ammo at you with no regard for balance (mostly because the resources you use to craft these items are too plentiful). Making encounters a bit too easy, and I often found myself getting surrounded in close range which is annoying since I prefer to use finesse and style to dispatch my enemies from range. This is, however, remedied by awesome melee weapons that you CAN attach to other weapons! Also, Stasis which is used to slow enemies is now a regenerating resource, which helps with the enemies that love to quickly throw themselves at your face in tight corridors. As for the story, it has all the atmosphere of the previous titles, with this distinct sense of hopelessness and drama that comes with humanity's fall to extinction. With the tide of the Necromorphs and uncontrolled Marker creation, humanity is quickly thrown into a seemingly unbeatable situation. But, the game does a good job making you feel like you are the last hope for humanity, so the story definitely is a hit in terms of mystery, action, and drama! Dead Space 3, despite its flaws, is a great game for any fan of third person action/horror games! For Dead Space fans, however, I am not entirely sure.


A Truly Excellent Game

Arkveveen | June 26, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

From the first moment onwards, this game didn't disappoint. As someone who loved the classic Tomb Raider games, this addition to the series is impressive in many ways. It Combines all the blockbuster game elements I love, such as upgrades and Metroid style "equipment gating" or exploration, with the danger and acrobatic traversal of classic Tomb Raider! A great deal of care, love, and attention was put into every ounce of Lara Croft's action packed origins, that I am at a loss for words. Also, as a PC gamer, I still cannot believe how stunning and optimized this game is. Triple buffering for god damn once? Wow! Great DX11 features? Wow! With all of it running at amazing framerates, this game caresses my eyeballs and is a treat for my senses! Animations and sounds included! In every way, this game is a complete package and MUST not be missed. It gets my absolute seal of approval!