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An MMO Reborn

Armiga | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Digital Collectors Edition NA Post - PC

The relaunch of this game sees many vast improvements over it's previous incarnation. The visuals and sounds invoke that classic Final Fantasy feeling and the classes and jobs are straight out of the lore people know and love. You choose from one of many different classes, from warriors, to magic users, to crafting, and then you depart into the world to level up solo or with friends as you make your way towards the end of Eorzea's corners. While this game does little to break tradition or evolve the medium, it does everything previous MMOs have accomplished and does it well. There are many ways to level up and spend your time in Eorzea. You can queue in the dungeon finder, you can do random zone events which reward EXP and Gil, you can raise and fight along side your own trusty Chocobo, you can do leves which are short missives similar to quests, or you can go the traditional way and quest to your heart's content. One nice feature they implemented is the ability to change your job and class on a whim, so no more rolling alts to try out other classes; you can do it all on one character. To help compensate for any quests you might have already done on one class, all classes that are below your highest level recieve a 50% EXP boost to make the journey to level cap a bit easier the second time around. Overall, while Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn does little to revolutionize the genre, it combines a lot of features the genre has created over the years and combines them into one game and delivers a great experience with that classic Final Fantasy feeling some people out there are sure to love.