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A Good Origin for the Franchise

Arrjae | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Tomb Raider offers up a top-tier action/platformer that certainly follows suit for the franchise. The controls are fairly simple to use, response is good, shooting mechanics will be familiar to those who have played current generation third-person games. The game offers a great story about a young Lara Croft, starting out her archaeology career much differently than she expected. Her story is one of survival as it is about the mystery behind the island she is exploring, transforming a young, naive girl into a tough as nails warrior. Their is an RPG-like system which allows you to craft and upgrade weapons as well as increase Lara's skills. Overall, great gameplay mechanics. The one down side is the story does get boring in places, as well as the combat. At some points, you may find yourself taking out waves of enemies with prescripted motions or simply using headshots. The game is also fairly linear, which wouldn't be a problem if the AI was a bit more intelligent. The linear nature of the game also hurts replay value, and though a multiplayer exists, its fairly weak. That being said, there are certain achievements to be discovered throughout the game world for the more curious gamer. Overall, a great addition to the franchise that Tomb Raider fans should definitely pick up, and one that new players will certainly enjoy, at least for one play through.