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So Many Ways To Play

Arshness | March 26, 2014 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

Man, this game is fun. There are plenty of reviews to tell you just how fun it is. But what I want to add is that there's really so many ways to play this game. If you get mods from Steam Workshop to alter the gameplay, the reply value really increases. Just playing with the next unlocked character is one challenge, but you can add so much more to it. Once you master basic survival and find it starts to get a little dull, get the RPG Hud 45 so you can have more bar space and keep track of your stats easily. Then you can go from "scraping to survive" to "exploring this harsh world". Try something like Godly Fire to give up light source management in favor of being able to trek further from camp. It's not cheating, it's just deciding which game you want to play. If you want a hardcore challenge, you can make your world harder to play in and use one of the weaker characters and see how long you last. If you just want to have fun, there's a hundred ways to change the world and use mods to spice up your gameplay experience. The game is highly recommended and the price is amazing for how many hours you'll spend enjoying it.