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A good game, but where are the tombs?

Artorius | Sept. 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Who played the old games must keep in mind that this game is more similar to Uncharted than the originals. The main focus of the game is, in fact the narrative and the combats in between. The first is good but suffers of an heavy cliché syndrome whose first victims are the characters, except Lara, and some locations, with their overdone gruesome and horrorific feel. Also, like many cinematographic games, Tomb Raider is plagued by too many quick time events, whose engaging effect is working only in the minds of the developers, I think. This flaws fortunately are alleviated a bit by the beautiful open sceneries and by the more "open world" explorative sections. The combat is a bit clunky in my opinion, and omnipresent from the start of the game, with waves of enemies eager to be butchered by the player, despite the fact that the narrative insists on the innocence and the fragility of Lara, trying to make her more human and belivable than its former incarnation. Therefore, despite its name, tomb raider doesn't focus very much on tomb raiding anymore. The hunt for treasures in this game becomes a hunt for collectibles scattered across the locations and the reward for finding them are some experience points, some artworks and the steam achievements. Despite their supposed purpose to enrich the plot, like the documents and the relics, and to stimulate players to discover the past of the island, in the end they don't add anything to the narrative and finding them will became a boring chore (I suggest very much to use the "spider senses" of Lara to locate them quickly). The tombs themselves are only a side activity, small caves with a little puzzle to solve to reach a chest which again contains some experience points. In the end, Tomb Raider is a good game, which will offer you a very cinematographic experience, but the gameplay itself doesn't add very much to the series and sometimes will seem more a filler than an amusement.