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Unexpected Gem

Askalad | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Car Mechanic Simulator - PC

Even for someone who has a passing interest in automobiles--and doesn't know the difference between a crankshaft and an alternator--this simulator was worth the money. I was expecting a "Woodcutting Simulator" level of interest, where you do a few things, get bored and then leave. Not so! The game gives you a tutorialized set of instructions early on, but then leaves you with the typical instructions a mechanic would get, ala "something rattles, please fix it." Your task is solving the problem, be it faulty spark plugs, alternator, exhaust manifold, and so on. This simulator actually manages to hold your attention for a significant period of time, and if you understand what you're getting into (it's a simulator, seriously), it will be an excellent game for you.