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Wow I feel awesome

AsmodeusSabrael | March 18, 2014 | Review of Titanfall - PC

A game where I can call down a Titan Machine and squash other players while launching a barrage of bullets, cloaking and wall running onto a friendly titan to shoot more baddies, then jumping off him onto an enemy titan rip a part off of it, then shoot the insides and make the pilot jump out then jumping off and destroy him then back onto it and blow up his titan makes me feel AWESOME. Great game, i rarely get games so early released but def worth it. The texture settings are barely visible on a small screen under 21 inches so playing on a mid card at high or medium is perfectly fine and doable. The AA settings have multiple options for fxaa low to high and msaa of your choosing as well. Fast paced. No single player campaign here it's all online and multi. play as 2 factions and complete the campaign to get both new titans. OR just jump in and destroy. Having "burn cards" to choose from after earning them in each match is a nice touch for extra "buffs" or weapons. Customization is mediocre tho not bad. Yes you can "prestige" in a way. Watch more vids on youtube if you want, but I love it.


Not bad if you can get it cheap

AsmodeusSabrael | March 18, 2014 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Not bad kinda nice seeing Max back at it again and so emo, yet the gameplay itself is pretty much the same as before, tho more action in my opinion. Graphically could be better yet at the same time better than before, plenty of graphical options to optimize yet still not perfect because the clothing textures are meh. Close ups when hiding in cover show bad textures too. But overall graphically not too bad. Story is straight to it, very linear and not too many places to really get your completionist fix. Yes there are hidden "collectables" yet that's not too satisfying. If you are a casual gamer and like to be in and out of gameplay then this is fine. It's replay value is meh, multiplayer is meh, finding matches is slightly dead and boring yet if u like it, then u have many rankings to go up to to unlock more avatars. Story gets repetitive because it's pretty much, small cinematic, then shoot some baddies. Most look the same yet the physics of shooting debris is a nice touch. Get it cheap and it's not bad, pay more than 10 and you might not be happy.


Interesting game

AsmodeusSabrael | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

At first I was meh about trying it but it came with the bundle, so i tried it and was quite pleased. I normally prefer games with high end graphics but damn, this is a nice modern type retro game. The narration during gameplay is funny, and also serious. It is a great touch and the voice used for it is perfect. The gameplay itself is easy to pick up with use of mouse and keyboard, or controller. It's not just a grind for xp, u can skip a lot and still get stuff for completing your quests. The upgrades for weapons make u think on what to choose later on. The side quests for weapon upgrades is a nice change of pace. The story is written very well and the game is beautifully drawn. I would def try out a demo and see for yourself. Definantly worth a shot. I enjoyed it very much.


Pretty cool, ahead of its time tho, if it came out now.

AsmodeusSabrael | Oct. 29, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC prolly would have been better with a different engine and more stuff to do tho for it's time when it came out not bad at all.This game fucking rocks face omg wow. the multiplayer is cool and bad ass because it reminds me of star wars battlefront classic action slasher and real time strategy mechanics but with METAL, the game campaign is funny, brutal, violent, and just awesome. If u want something randomly comedic, violent, decent story, good voice acting, cameos of celebs, and METAL play this f**king game asap!


Finally a real adult like rpg

AsmodeusSabrael | Oct. 29, 2013 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

wow love the story, i know you cant choose your characters or explore too much in this game, but damnit it's beautiful, the main character is amazing, the acting, writing, wow. this isn't just a game to rush thru, if u take the time and listen to everything, and really play the game as it's intended you won't be let down. it's just like a damn good book being visualized. wow. i love the multiple choices to make that change your patch completely. There is violence, blood, nudity, and a fantastic movie like written story. they took their time on this and more games should be this in depth. can't wait for the 3rd installment. wow what an awesome multiple ending.


Definitely worth getting !!!!!!!

AsmodeusSabrael | Oct. 29, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Definantly worth getting, the story in asylum is better, yet the vast amount of things to do in city is so satisfying, yes u can beat the main story in like 14 hrs, yet u still have the extra dlcs, other characters, challenges, side missions, downloaded maps and challenges from other players to do, so it's def worth getting if u liked arkham asylum. Not to mention so much bigger, and u dont feel as limited like in asylum. You have more and more to search and explore. The controls via keyboard and mouse work perfectly fine for me tho controller is good too. Graphically runs great on steam, no issues with frames, and i run in windowed 1280x720, sometimes full screen 1400x900 . the system resources are distributed equally for me so the game in my opinion was written very well. I dropped the rating down because of the windows live issue which deleted my saved games :( Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 AMD FX-6100 3.6ghz Gigabyte 970A-DS3- V3 8gbs Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz Dual Channeled.