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A good game.

Assasino | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Disciples II Gold Edition - PC

I really like this game, when I was little I played this game with me uncle and me brother.I always was scared (and I'm still are) of the Red guys , so I was playing the guys that had Titan in it. When I'm really bored (which I'm often are) I love to play this game and it makes me smile again and again. I sometimes even ask my friends to play with me when they're around and they are saying is really funny and such a good game which is good to hear. :) When my uncle comes to England we often play this game.Once when I asked my grandma to play she was all confused but she sadly stopped playing about 15 minutes because she said it's to hard for her and i don't blame her. I got this game for free because it was given out last year I think and I'm glad that I got this game. Anyway if you got trouble about think to buy it or not then buy it because it's worth it. Sometimes the graphics are really funny for example an imp. The game is easy at the start but it gets harder and harder when your going through out the game and thats why I like it because even when you don't know how to play the enemies at the start will be easier. Also it's making you think about the move you will do "What will happen if I'll attack this guy instead of that one..."