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Good Game

AtomicEggs | June 15, 2012 | Review of The Last Remnant - PC

Last Remnant may have been played by some on XBOX and if you've played it and considering getting it for PC then it may be different but in a good way as most of the graphics problems have been fixed and their are additional, new features to the PC version. However if you're new to the game then its a good Japanese RPG to play without having to Final Fantasy and not as hard as Dark Souls. The game story is very well done as you can recruit people to fight with you and in battle see their different stats for magic and attacking. The battles can be long and hard to win but you will be eventually rewarded for your effort. You can also quickly go through battles quicker which was unavailable to the XBOX version. The graphics are very well done, of course over the years, as all the edges are smoothed and much higher resolution. The frame rate is much better in the PC version and the general layout of the game is very well done. The sound is amazing with the music added and the voice acting which can be tough to achieve but here they have as you can have Japanese or English soundtracks and the voices are different. However the voicing is very limited and needs more to be perfect. Overall people who want an Japanese RPG, like Demon Soul's, with a strong storyline and a great combat layout then this is the great game but some may complain it's too much of a console game but that's want they create demos for.


Rockstar strike again

AtomicEggs | June 14, 2012 | Review of Max Payne 3 - PC

It seems that Rockstar have the ability to release great game after great game with Red Dead and GTA IV and it certainly doesn't stop with Max Payne 3. They may have used a bit of GTA in the design but then who doesn't, look at Fallout 3 and then Skyrim. This game is full of everything, the graphics and sound are amazing, the game-play is full and action packed and keeps you on the edge of the seat and works in all areas. Then there is the multiplayer which has the amazing ability to slow down time of the person in your aim which is an amazing feature once you know how and when to use it. It keeps a constant change and difficulty amongst all players. Overall this game is amazing and fun to play, new to Max Payne or an old gamer of the previous games. However it is a hefty file size and an age to download but once you get there you'll be thankful with the amount of quality it contains.


It's a good game if you don't mind the graphics

AtomicEggs | June 14, 2012 | Review of Game of Thrones - PC

This game is for people who are a fan of the books/show and also for the odd gamer but for the most who jump into this game they may feel that the graphics are a bit outdated and the combat system is a bit boring but the thing that keeps it good is the storyline as you play as two random guys as they make their way through the Game of Thrones universe.