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Moments of brilliance.

Atwa | Feb. 8, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero - PC

Strike Suit Zero is incredible at times. It has fast space action that outshines most other games in the genre. Its a feast for the senses and you will simply be in awe as you dodge and weave around missiles and send out swarms to destroy your foes. Unfortunately the game has missed some potential and isn't all what it could be. The biggest problem here is that some missions they try to switch things up by making you not control your suit, in the beginning it is for story reasons but I still think its a mistake, an earlier introduction of the suit would have been better when the game is named after said suit. Almost all screenshots you will see will also show this mech, which has incredibly cool design by the way. Later in the game there are stages where you are put in a regular fighter again, I understand they are in to offer some variety but at those missions I constantly wished to be back in the Strike Suit, cause that is the star of the show. The game also has some problematic storytelling, much of it is in text between missions and otherwise radio chatter mid mission. In the end its hard to keep track of however that is alright since the game stands fine on gameplay alone. The music deserves mention as it is fabulous throughout. The missions are often quite straight forward and can be repetitive as well, though the core of the gameplay is good enough to make you overlook this. And ultimately that is the bottom line here, Strike Suit Zero is good enough to hold your attention and to offer a full recommendation from me. Just except a few bumps along the road in an otherwise excellent space shooter.


Extremely fun but troubling stories.

Atwa | Dec. 13, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Sleeping Dogs is a BLAST to play. Its downright one of the best playing open world games there is. The hand to hand combat is a flawless, even if it borrows heavily from a different game starring a certain bat. The driving is just right, you car throws itself around corners and there are ramps all over to get you plenty of air in daring stunts. The world is big and fun to mess around in, the objectives are varied and I didn't feel bored ONCE over my 25 hours I spent with the game. There is however one big flaw that keeps the game back for me which is the story. I found the story and caricatures characters to be extremely dull. You will go from arriving in Hong Kong to leading your own triad in mere hours. It all feels very forced and its a very light gangster drama. Despite people dying constantly there is never any emotional punch. Characters are introduced and killed off at a blazing pace that you might even have a hard time remembering who exactly just called you and asked you to do horrible things to other people. There is also the fact that you are supposed to be an undercover cop, yet have no objection, moral or otherwise about killing hundreds of people. It all made me completely lose interest in the story yet that wasn't exactly a problem because I was busying throwing myself from my car to another, pushing people into giant aquariums and generally just having a blast. Pick up Sleeping Dogs for the fun you will have and you will not be disappointed.


Well worth the low price

Atwa | Dec. 13, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Dunwall City Trials - PC

Most people had a very distinct style when going through Dishonored, stealth or action the game offered you to approach every mission to your own liking. If you are like me you chose stealth and while I thoroughly enjoyed that I felt like missed some of what the game had to offer by not going the combat route. This DLC completely fixes that! It has levels for both combat and stealth allowing you to truly experiment with the intricacies of the game. Its also only five bucks and will last you a good while if you aim to three star everything.